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FIFA 11 (Sony PlayStation 3, 2011)
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Created: 26/09/11

exellent condition as seller promised

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Over the years, the rivalry between the two leading football games, EA Sports' Fifa and Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer, has become every bit as intense as that between any pairing of local teams in the real-life Football League – that is, positively tribal in nature. Last year's Fifa 10 saw EA Sports' franchise, after years in the doldrums, roar back to form, although it wasn't perfect. And this year, Pro Evolution Soccer will have to do something truly special to regain its crown: the new Fifa is the best in living memory.

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As ever with a yearly update, there are a few odd structural alterations, new features and tweaks, but the most important improvement to Fifa 11 could not be more fundamental: its underlying passing engine has been rewritten, providing much more accuracy and eliminating the "ping-pong passing" which, unrealistically, would let you play one-touch sequences that would make Cesc Fabregas green with envy. This, of course, will expose your talent and passing vision (or lack of it); PES fans would argue, with some justification, that this brings Fifa to where their beloved game has been for some time. But it's a welcome improvement, especially given that AI-controlled player movement has been vastly improved, too.

Central defenders no longer rush kamikaze-style towards the centre circle when faced with a breaking attacker, and full-backs are now much more likely to overlap. You can grapple realistically (always running the risk of conceding a free kick), fancy back-heels and the like are far less likely to come off, and you can now, for example, chest the ball down in your chosen direction. Midfielders are much keener to burst into the box when crosses come in. Ricochets and deflections, too, seem much more life-like. Plus, you can no longer bamboozle advancing goalkeepers as a matter of course by the simple device of employing a chip-shot.

EA Sports also prioritised the task of making AI-controlled players take on the attributes of their real-life counterparts. Its success in this is less obvious although, playing as Tottenham, it was noticeable that Aaron Lennon could outrun pretty much any left back, and Roman Pavlyuchenko constantly strayed offside, which is accurate enough.

The main aspect of Fifa 10 which was completely broken, Manager Mode, also appears to have been fixed, in that it has been devolved as an entity and subsumed into Career Mode, along with Be A Pro – you can now opt to control either your chosen player or the whole team at the start of each match, and fiddle around with transfers between matches. Career Mode operates over a meaty 15 seasons, and for the first time, you can play through it as a goalkeeper. You can play through pretty much any cup in Europe, or design your own competition.

Which may sound gimmicky, but it means that Fifa 11 is the first football game that lets 11 people play against 11 others online. Fifa 11's multiplayer side is impeccable, with something to suit everyone – you can dive into a quick head-to-head, play as part of a team, set up a league with your friends or hit the lobbies for some random opposition. Whenever you play online in a tournament deemed worthy of a ranking, you'll also be earning bragging rights for your country – Fifa keeps tabs on the quality of online players in ranking tournaments around the world.

The game's level of customisation is enormous – you can strip your own face onto a p

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Created: 16/10/11

awesome gam

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

FIFA 11 (FIFA Soccer 11 in North America) is the 18th title in Electronic Arts' FIFA series of football video games. Developed by EA Canada, it was published by Electronic Arts worldwide under the EA Sports label. It was released on 28 September 2010 in North America, 30 September 2010 in Australia, and 1 October 2010 in Europe for all platforms, except the Wii and Nintendo DS. The Wii version was released on 1 October 2010 in North America and Europe and the DS version on 8 October 2010.[1] The PC version of FIFA 11 is the first in the series to use the same game engine as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. Commentary is provided by Martin Tyler and Andy Gray.
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[edit]New features

Next Gen Gameplay Engine (PC): The game engine that is used for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will now be used also on the PC.[2][3] Also, the "Two Button" control system, introduced in the 2010 FIFA World Cup game has carried through to FIFA 11, making it ideal for novices and new players to the series.
FIFA World (PC): This will allow the player to customize their online avatar, compete with players from all over the world and fight for positions on the leaderboard.
PC Improvements : Next-gen menu presentation is used. Manager mode from console version of FIFA 10 has been imported with some improvements. Be a pro seasons have been completely revamped. There is a new practice arena which can be accessed when exiting a game mode. There is a new 5 v 5 online team play and Pro Club Championship. Further, there is the all new Virtual Pro game mode. Players can create their game face on the official web site then download it and apply it to their virtual pro in game. 360° dribbling is also featured along with LAN play. Players can also create tactics the

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Created: 23/02/11


Overall i think the Guys at EA Sports have done a fantastic job on this game. I cant however comment on how good it is compared to the previous FIFA games in the franchise as i have been a PES guy myself for the past 5 years.

Compared to PES 2011, FIFA 11 beats it hands down for me. To be honest i think PES have taken a step backwards this year from 2010 and this put me off a great deal as it doesnt give that 'edge of your seat feeling' when you are playing against other opponents whereas FIFA 11 does. FIFA has excelled it almost every area of the game, apart from one minor area, the transfer markets in the career mode. Yes, you can say this is extreme where you see top class players move to not so popular clubs but then i think its the same as seeing top class players move to Manchester City over the past few years, so seeing top players move to other class in my view makes the career mode more enjoyable.

The online mode cant be any better for me. I enjoy a great game of football, with goals, attempts, the atmosphere and that edge of your seat feeling as you dont know what may happen next. The online mode ticks all the boxes for me and yes you may get opponents who quit out before the game starts or during the match, however the match making system is quick enough to start a new game within minutes and majority of the opponents if you check their stats in advance may end up giving you a good game.

All in all i would say FIFA 11 is a must buy game over PES this year and I am saying this as a PES fan for nearly 5 years, so what are you waiting for, go play some FIFA 11!!

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Created: 27/09/11

FIFA 11 is a fantastic game - worthy edition to just about any collection

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

FIFA 11 is simply an outstanding simulation football game. Graphics are slightly improved as always. They are solid and crisp and very satisfying to look at. The only beef I have with them is that players faces are still awaiting the visual upgrade to make them more recognizable and realistic, especially in terms of the big name stars.

Gameplay is outstanding. On the easiest difficulty gameplay is way too easy and eventually becomes redundant and boring.
Once you ramp it up a notch or two every changes. The AI becomes far more intelligent and setting up big plays requires timing and precision and the window for such plays closes fast. The game becomes much more enjoyable.

Goals become extremely rewarding. The biggest improvement I have noticed is how the players battle for position when the ball is in the air and how they jostle with each other when battling for control of the ball. While these may be very subtle changes they have a huge impact on the realism of the game.

All the games modes are solid, but not without their areas that long for a little bit of improvement. Be a pro mode is great. I just find at times that when my pro is in possession of the ball and the camera zooms in that it is often very difficult to use the arrows pointing out where your teammates are as opposed to the opposition in order to pass the ball. This makes any kind of long passes very difficult to execute without turning over possession of the ball.

The numeric system (called your match rating) that is used to grade your overall performance in pro mode is very effective at keeping you motivated to stay in position and play your role. The goalkeeper mode is a great edition to this year’s game.

My only complaint is that it is sometimes boring just waiting for the opposition to get shots on goal to get you involved in the game. However that is the nature of the sport and that specific position and when the game finally does come to you the nervousness and intensity you feel is well worth the wait.

Overall, FIFA 11 is a fantastic game and a worthy edition to just about anyone’s video game collection.

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Created: 18/05/12

Decent but needs improvment

No, I wouldn't recommend this product.

Decent game play. easy to use.
FIFA 11 sees the introduction of various new features which takes the game’s authenticity up a notch. These include Personality+, the 360° Fight For Possession inclusion, Career Mode (the replacement for Manager Mode), and the highly anticipated addition of “Be A Goalkeeper”: FIFA 11 has got it all. Creativity and fluency will be noticed right off that bat when you’re rushing through the menus desperate to pick your favorite team, and see how the game plays on the pitch. And the best part? You’re more than likely going to love every last minute of a full 90+ minute football match.

Gameplay has been improved so much that FIFA 10 will quickly fade from your memory, and feel nothing less than clunky in comparison. One of the game’s producers stated the EA Sports team will be adding what they call the Iniesta touch. Technical players are now able to easily get away from an opposing player on the other team via a few quick movements. The new touch sees a quick flick with the analogue stick to instantaneously turn away from defenders; giving immediate satisfaction to the player. It clearly has greatly improved the overall dribbling system from past titles and will certainly make the average player more than content since you’ll be able to ping the ball to a good player while being confident he’ll be able to use his quality to easily go past a player. Some of the world’s best players such as Andres Iniesta, Steven Gerrard, Lionel Messi and many more are shown with their true advantage; having their real skills simulated perfectly in the game.

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Created: 23/09/11

FIFA is a classic that is slowly starting to show its age

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

To be honest, if they had kept FIFA 10 and only added the new kit updates and the music & chant customization part then I would have been happy.

They release a new FIFA every year and all they release is the same game with very minor changes to it. don't get me wrong I love the FIFA series but instead of releasing a refined game every year and charging £40 for it, why not just release update patches for the existing game? I think greed is playing its evil card here.

also, they have never got the Newcastle United kits right since FIFA 09! This is very annoying to me as I'm a life long NUFC fan & shirt collector, so heres a list of my observations... FIFA 09 - club crest is not in the center of shirt on home kit, FIFA 10 - sponsor logo white instead of black on home kit and the yellow away kit there is a large patch for the number where there should be stripes, FIFA 11 - rear neckline of shirt is white instead of black on home kit and away blue shirt looks nothing like the real one, so please get our kits right in FIFA 12

Final Score for FIFA 11 - 3/5

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Created: 06/07/11


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Great great game.It was such a relief to finally own a game that will provide that platform of football emotions. Other football games of the world usually tend ro provide with just that,another game,but this FIFA 11 from EA sports is just too cool.

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Created: 08/06/11

Exprience fantastic, fascinating gameplay.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

FIFA 11 is the latest in the series of FIFA from EA Sports. The graphics are brill and the ease of gameplay means you can simply turn it on and play. For those more interested in a longer term game, the career mode gives you what you want. It allows you to really be apart of your team; upload a photo and you are playing alongside your heroes in your favorite team. Some of the tricks can be hard to master but practise does make perfect; well almost.

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Created: 01/02/12

1st class football game.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

An absolutely excellent game, not suffering the usual FIFA curse where the same boring goals could be scored time and time again leaving no room for creativity that PRO EVO prides itself upon. Unique ability's and skills from the star players are immediately obvious to the football fan. A massive leap forward for FIFA in as much as this is the first year for a while where it is THE football title to own for sheer enjoyment.

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Created: 05/07/11

More of the same, much improved though. Great update to the franchise.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The trouble with Fifa games is that they continuously get better over the years - which inevitably leaves us having to get the latest installment each year!!

Fifa 11 has added few, yet very important changes to the franchise - this time, to the actual gameplay (Look up 'challenges for possesion of the ball' etc...) and also added a new playable role, which in my opinion was long overdue - an opportunity to play the part of the goalkeeper. As boring as it sounds to have to stand in one area of the pitch for the duration of the match - Just imagine, you and 10 of your friends, all with your own position to play, against 11 other people from anywhere in the world, having the true 'real-time' 11 vs. 11 football match without having to leave your living room!!

In summary, this game has improved in every aspect, though I am still not a fan of having to pay extra for real-time league updates - What are we paying for in the first place eh?? this isn't XBOX!!

Great game

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