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F/1.4mm Camera Lenses

F/1.4mm lenses have a high aperture, meaning they let a lot of light in. These lenses are therefore a great choice for low light photography at night or indoors. They are a great addition to your kit to prepare for a multitude of shooting conditions with a digital camera . There is a wide range of F/1.4mm camera lenses available from the major lens manufacturers.


Aperture, a bit like the pupil in an eye, controls the amount of light the lens lets in. The aperture of lenses is measured with the F stop scale. Look at the aperture number for a particular lens carefully because the lower the number, the more light it lets in.

Features of a F/1.4mm lens

F/1.4mm lenses with a high aperture let in as much light as possible. This allows images to appear bright, regardless of the shooting conditions. They also allow a shallow depth of field with a smaller area of the image in focus, which provides greater detail in those focused areas. Portraits are particularly good with this type of lens and can be aided with the use of a camera tripod .

Conditions for using a F/1.4mm lens

In low light conditions, obviously a flash can be used to shoot detailed pictures. However, flash photography is quite harsh and may disturb people in the surrounding area. A wide aperture lens , such as a F/1.4mm lens, is great during situations like weddings when you're in a dark church and you don't want to distract people. In situations where light is diminishing like during a sunset, F/1.4mm lenses are great at gathering as much light as possible to gain a detailed shot.

Shooting advice

When using a F/1.4mm lens, it's important to zoom in after you've taken the shot to make sure the image is crisp and detailed. This is difficult to ascertain when shooting in low light.