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Chinchilla Beds Hammocks and Nester

Chinchilla beds, hammocks and nesters create the perfect comfortable and cosy environment for your nocturnal pet. Durable and practical, they are designed with your small pet in mind.

Different types available

Chinchillas naturally like to snuggle up and sleep in cosy holes and small pet tunnels . Wooden chinchilla beds, hammocks and nesters are designed to fit into the corner of the pet's cage. Made from natural wood, most styles have a flat roof and a hole shaped main entrance.

An igloo shaped hideaway is perfectly proportioned to make your pet feel cosy. The sturdy durable plastic hideaway cover has a domed igloo shape and curved entrance. The completely covered sleeping area is ideal for your pet chinchilla.

Chinchilla beds, hammocks and nesters that have a compact tunnel shape are perfect for extra comfort. Snuggle tunnels are made from lightly padded synthetic materials, and are fully reversible. One side is covered in luxurious faux fur and the reverse has a soft texture finish.

The compact fleece pouches are available in a variety of designs and sizes. The double-sided reversible fleece pouch is a portable mini pet sleeping bag and can be used when you are carrying your chinchilla. It can also be placed inside the cage for use as a bed.

Made from warm and cosy fleece, the snuggle cuddle cup is shaped like a mini sized dog bed.

Choosing the right style for your pet's cage

The fur lined hammock offers your pet ultimate sleep comfort. The fabric pouch features straps and clips for easy attachment to the cage. It can be hung vertically to create a hiding pouch, horizontally for snuggling under the covers or lying on top of the hammock.

A hideaway hammock is made from fleece lined quilted fabric and has a semi rigid shape for standalone use. When attached to the strong straps and clipped to the cage, your pet has a luxurious hiding place.

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