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Diffuser Pro Audio Acoustic Treatments

If you want great room acoustics it is essential that you use diffuser pro audio acoustic treatments to enhance your surround sound. 

Acoustic treatments are ideal for home recording. The set up that you choose will greatly affect the quality of sound that you hear.

The benefits of pro audio acoustic treatments

  • Sound basics – From the source, sound projects outwards into a room, in all directions. A small portion of this sound travels in a direct line, whilst the remainder bounces around the room in a random manner. Eventually the reflected sound comes together to create the sound that comes out of a microphone
  • Room acoustics – The majority of rooms have poor acoustics, primarily because of the limited space. This is why the acoustics in a church are so much better
  • Natural reverbDigital reverb allows you to alter the acoustics of any room. To do this, it is essential to remove the actual reverb of the room in question. Diffuser pro audio acoustic treatments cushion the walls of the room and absorb sound reflections

How diffuser pro audio acoustic treatment improves quality of sound

  • Dead noise – Once all sound reflections are removed from a room you are usually left with ‘dead noise’
  • Scattering sound – Diffusers allow a small quantity of sound reflections to be scattered, so that natural tone is balanced and preserved

Different types of pro audio acoustic treatments

  • Wood – Natural wood is a great material for acoustic treatments. The 100% wood panels are suitable for recording studios, a home cinema or music room, conference room, theatre and office space
  • Custom – Solid wood custom built acoustic treatments are arranged in a panel to fit a specific area. The construction can be made up of cubes or strips that are attached together and varnished for protection.