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Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are a must have accessory in modern society today and allow everyone to become an amateur photographer with a click of a button. Digital cameras come in all shapes, sizes and types and can vary in quality and price.


There are a number of popular brands that specialise in electric technology including digital cameras. You have the choice from brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Fujifilm which all provide high quality digital cameras.

Type of digital cameras

Digital cameras come in a number of different types and it is important you choose the right one when shopping online. There are lots of choices on offer and the types include digital SLR, compact, bridge, underwater and mirrorless interchangeable lens. Every digital camera model and type is unique and different to one another with a number of great features that set themselves apart.

Digital SLR cameras

Digital SLR cameras is a single lens reflex camera meaning it has the mechanisms of single lens reflex but also combines this with a digital imaging sensor. These cameras are the most popular, particularly with professional photographers, to buy when getting into photography and video making.

Compact cameras

A compact camera is your everyday digital camera, also known as the point and shoot camera which is very popular with customers who are looking for a simple camera to take everyday photos. Compact digital cameras have all the features you need to capture good quality photos without the complexity of all the extra features.

Bridge cameras

Bridge cameras are in the middle of a digital SLR and compact camera as they aren't as simple as compact cameras but don't have as many features as the digital SLR. If at an intermediary level of photography, then the bridge digital camera could be for you. It offers an easy camera to practice on and get to grips with before advancing to a more sophisticated model like the digital SLR camera.

Underwater cameras

Underwater cameras such as the GoPro digital camera are ideal for capturing images and videos underwater whether you're swimming in the sea or at a water park. By capturing this film, you can have memories from holidays to last forever.

Mirrorless Interchangeable cameras

This digital camera has an interchangeable lens and doesn't have a moveable mirror in the optical path. They have been found to be lighter, more compact and better for shooting videos.