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Fuji 18-55mm Camera Lens

Fuji produces a range of camera lenses that vary in terms of type and aperture. Here are the main types of lenses and what needs they're best suited to. Of those Fuji camera lenses used most often are between 18-55mm, but many more are available.

Types of camera lens

A standard lens will give a similar view to the human eye. This is a great all-purpose lens that can be used for anything from landscapes to close-ups to portraits. They are not particularly large or heavy, which makes them great for light travelling.


The telephoto lens is a long-focus lens which will bring far subjects close up, with an extensive zoom. Integral to the work of sports and wildlife photographers who can't get particularly close to the action, star gazers also use telephoto lenses to get good pictures of the night sky.

Wide angle

A wide angle lens will unnaturally zoom out of a scene, capturing a larger proportion of the scene than a standard lens for example. These lenses will typically have a 35mm focal length or wider on a full frame DSLR camera.

Ultra wide angle

For a big scene or a small scene with little space to play with, photographers opt for ultra-wide angle lenses of 24mm and wider. A wide angle, or an ultra wide angle lens is often used by wedding photographers for those all in shots.

Focus types

The auto focus lens will automatically focus on the subject. These are perfect for beginners who have yet to master the intricate art of focusing.


A manual focus lens will put you in full control of the lens' focal pane and focus. These can allow you to have more of an influence over the subtle details of a photo and are useful when taking photographs of moving objects, which can confuse auto focus lenses.

Auto and Manual

Many lenses today are capable of both being manipulated independently by the photographer as well as incorporating an automatic focus.


Lens features can vary greatly, but typically include water and dust resistance, low-temperature operation, lightweight and optical image stabilisation.