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Gardening Clothing & Protective Gear

Maintaining a healthy garden takes work and dedication - you can easily find yourself slaving away for hours on end to get the perfect lawn.

Depending on the size of your garden and the work you want to carry out on it, you will need to consider buying protective clothing.

Some typical gardening tasks that you might need gardening clothing and protective gear for include:

  • Digging and planting flower beds and borders
  • Operating machinery such as lawnmowers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers
  • Building decking or garden storage such as sheds

Benefits of Protective Clothing

  • Helmets - Often fitted with a visor and ear protectors, helmets are perfect for protecting against rogue debris and loud machinery. They provide extra protection when you’re working high up
  • Gloves - A true essential for any gardening task that offer far more than just warmth on a cold day. Protective gloves keep your hands safe when handling machinery or sharp debris as well as allowing you to bed flowers without getting your hands dirty
  • Trousers and knee pads - Made from thick and often waterproof material, gardening trousers are essential for the tough jobs. Commonly made with knee pad holsters, you can easily lay patio, decking or lawn without any aches or pains
  • Tops - From wind deflectors to fleeces, gardening tops not only keep you warm and dry but also safe from straggling branches or garden scrap

Brands to Consider

  • Husqvarna - Predominantly known for their gardening tools, they also offer a great range of workwear and accessories boasting maximum safety and comfort
  • Roughneck - Specialise in protective clothing, especially wind blocker fleeces and trousers with built in knee pads
  • STIHL - Pride themselves with first class personal protective equipment. The product range extends across clothing, protection and work wear
  • Oregon - An extremely versatile brand that offers everything from chainsaw trousers to full protection lots