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Glass Up to 6 Kitchen and Dining Tables with Extending

Extending kitchen dining tables are a perfect addition to your dining area as a means of providing space for up to six guests. Glass dining tables are effortlessly stylish, allowing you to place them into the room and almost immediately match the surroundings. However, there are options to buy coloured glass tables to match a certain style.

When it comes to choosing a glass up to 6 kitchen and dining table with extending, there are many options available. You can choose to have certain styles of legs on your table for example. Each style of leg offers various leg space, but they all have their own unique styles and benefits. Legs and centred blocks give the illusion of more space, whilst crossed legs offer a sense of symmetry.

Benefits of glass dining tables

Glass is a versatile material that can be worked into any style of home interior. Clear glass is particularly advantageous as a dining table as it gives the illusion of a larger, airy room due to its ability to reflect light around the room. This is particularly useful for smaller rooms or integrated kitchen and dining rooms, and therefore helps to maximise the appearance of space.

Another advantage is that there are numerous different options of glass to choose from to match your interior. Whilst clear glass is extremely versatile, it needs to be maintained to keep the glass free of dust and fingerprints. Smoked or coloured glass, however, is less demanding, yet it gives you the option of directly matching your sense of style. Glass is also incredibly versatile in terms of matching other dining room furniture , as it can easily match other types of wood, plastic and MDF, therefore there is no need to worry if your furniture will not match.

Benefits of extending dining tables

Extending dining tables are entirely dependable on whether you need that extra space for guests. If you often host dinner parties or have extended family round, then an extended dining table is a useful option. If you have a small dining room, then the option of extending your dining table allows you to keep your table in its original state whilst allowing for extra space.

There are also many ways of extending the dining table. One way of doing so is to add extra panels onto your dining table, which are often stored underneath the dining table. Many already have the panels attached, but need to be extended from underneath the dining table.