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GoPro Camera Underwater Case and Housing

Take your active sports photography to new depths with a GoPro camera underwater case and housing. Whether you're a surfer, snorkeler or scuba diver, it's the perfect way to record your under (and over) water exploits.

Dubbed 'the world's most versatile cameras', GoPro cameras are already perfect for a variety of extreme or street sports. An underwater housing makes them even more versatile. With their toughened waterproof cases you can use them to catalogue a whole variety of water-based sports including canoeing, windsurfing, swimming and even shipwreck or reef diving.

Different underwater cases for different Hero models

The type of case you need will depend on the type of GoPro camera you own. Some fit most models, but many are designed solely for use with specific GoPro Hero models , such as Hero 3, Hero 4 or Hero 1 and 2.

Waterproof cases allow you to record your water based antics using GoPro's wide angle HD cameras. While the specifications for the cases vary, most are waterproof to 40 metres and some to a depth of 60 metres. This is more than adequate for most open water divers as the maximum limit for recreational diving is 40 metres.

Looking after your case and your GoPro camera

Water will damage your camera it your case leaks, especially if seawater gets inside. Make sure you always read the instructions carefully before using your case.

Always check the seal of your waterproof case for damage before using it. Make sure there isn't anything on the seal (like sand or hair) before you close the case. When you close your case, check that the seal is tight.

Tips for underwater photography and video

To make the most of your underwater photos or videos, try to shoot with the sun behind you. And equip your camera with a large memory card so you won't run out of space. After all, you can't change cards while you're in the water.