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Guinea Pig Beds, Hammocks and Nesters

Originating from South America, guinea pigs are intelligent, sociable animals that make fantastic pets when handled correctly. 

There are many different types of breeds, varieties, colours and coat lengths of guinea pig, so it’s important to do your research and understand the benefits and upkeep required for each breed.

Living around four to eight years, guinea pigs need a long-term commitment and to have the correct dietary and housing requirements. Whether you decide to keep them outdoors or inside, one of the most important aspects of keeping guinea pigs is to carefully consider the right bedding. 

Benefits of guinea pig beds, hammocks and nesters

  • Due to their small nature, guinea pigs feel safest when they are able to nest away to avoid being exposed to the elements
  • Material beds are often preferred over wood shavings due to them being a cheaper, more stylish  alternative, as well as being easier to clean. These are particularly chosen if opting to keep your guinea pig indoors
  • There are an array of beds, hammocks and nesters available depending on whether you’ll be keeping your guinea pig outdoors or inside, which vary in material, colours and durability

Different types of guinea pig beds, hammocks and nesters

Guinea pig beds, hammocks and nesters come in a range of different materials. Each have their benefits and drawbacks depending on your circumstances: 

Soft material

  • Fleece lined 
  • Soft and stylish 
  • Great for indoor use
  • Cheaper, economical option over wood shavings
  • Needs to be washed at least once a week as they can get soiled easily
  • Beneficial for guinea pigs post-surgery

Hard material 

  • Plastic or wood
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Sturdy and durable to be exposed to any weather conditions
  • Require wood shavings underneath, unless positioned on grass
  • Allows guinea pigs to jump on top of the shelter, as well as hide within