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Hydroponic Growing Media

Growing hydroponically means that you do not require soil to support the growth of your plants. Instead hydroponic growing media does all the work. To support the roots of plants many growers use a combination of hydroponic media types to maintain the perfect water to oxygen ratio.

Benefits of using hydroponic growing media

  • Gardening benefits – Hydroponics offer many benefits for indoor and outdoor gardeners. In the hydroponic gardening system, no soil is required. The growing medium that supports the roots of the plant also supplies the nutrients needed
  • Environmental benefits – Hydroponic gardening systems can be set up to recycle water and nutrients. Using hydroponic growing media also uses up to 2/3rds less water
  • Seasonal benefits – With hydroponics you control the growing season. You’ll also enjoy a higher yield of vegetables and plants
  • No garden required – You can easily create a hydroponic garden indoors or in a limited space
  • Low cost – Hydroponic gardening is low cost and more productive than traditional gardening. Hydroponic media is available in block, pellet, fibre and shard forms to suit your budget

Types of hydroponic growing media

  • Coco based – Hydroponic media like coco coir is made from ground up coconut husks and is usually organic. The hormone rich and fungus free media helps plants to germinate and grow strong
  • Expanded clay – Porous clay pellets are pH neutral and release no nutrients into the water. They are reusable and do not compact
  • Perlite – Made from air puffed volcanic glass Perlite is extremely light and porous. It also has a high oxygen retention level
  • Vermiculite – Mineral based Vermiculite is similar to lightweight Perlite but retains more water
  • Potting soil – Enriched soil delivers faster and healthier plant growth with a heavier yield. The peat is usually mixed with wood and bark fibres for boosted aeration and better drainage.