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Keyboard Cases and Bags

Keyboards are electronic instruments with many delicate parts. They can weigh a significant amount so it is important to ensure that they stored and transported in a quality, well-built case to avoid any damage or accidental knocks and scrapes. 

Keyboard cases and carry bags have become more fashionable in recent years with several brands such as Stagg and Roland creating practical, attractive and versatile designs. 

Why invest in a quality keyboard case?

  • Cost  – It is important to consider the cost of a keyboard case before you buy. A case will pay for itself as it is a lot cheaper than replacing your keyboard and will prevent a significant amount of damage from being inflicted. Some keyboards can hold sentimental value, which makes the investment in a sturdy case worthwhile
  • Design – Quality cases can be far more aesthetically pleasing than cheaper ones. It is worth investing in a quality case that is well designed and hardwearing
  •  Ergonomic – The keyboard case that you purchase will dictate how much weight your body will have to carry. It is important to purchase a case that evenly distributes the weight over your body, whilst allowing you to maintain a good posture. Using a cheap case can lead to serious spinal or muscular stress and even severe injury
  • Material – A keyboard case can be made from a variety of materials, but it is always best to buy hard-shell plastic cases. Most hard-shell cases are also lined with soft foam to protect the keyboard from serious damage
  • Warranty – High quality keyboard cases often include a warranty that covers the cost of a replacement keyboard in the instance when the case fails to protect it from getting damaged. This will give you extra peace of mind when you choose your ideal keyboard case