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Laptop Replacement Keyboards for VAIO

Sony VAIO laptops are high end laptops that are powerful for everyday use. From time to time you may need to replace the keyboard. Regardless of the model, you will find a wide selection of laptop replacement keyboards for VAIO laptops.

Features of VAIO replacement laptop keyboards

QWERTY keyboards are one of the most common type of keyboard layouts available and are the standard layout for UK and US keyboards. The 'QWERTY' name refers to the first six characters on the top row of letters on the keyboard. These are available in the most common keyboard colours of white and black. In comparison, a QWERTZ keyboard is the standard layout for keyboards used in Central Europe, while the AZERTY keyboard is the standard in France and Belgium

Besides the typical layout of most VAIO keyboards, there is a range of other layouts to suit users in different countries. For example, whilst both the UK and the US both use QWERTY layouts, UK keyboards typically features the '@' symbol and the quotation marks in reverse to a typical US standard keyboard.

Many VAIO keyboards can be found with black lighting. This means the lettering of each keyboard will be lit up so that the keys can be easily seen in low light or even in dark conditions.

Matte and non-reflective keyboards are designed to prevent glare on the keyboard from external light sources reflecting off the surface. This helps make the keyboard easier to see in highly lit areas and allows you to have a lamp, for example, shining directly on your work surface whilst still being able to see the keyboard.

Some VAIO keyboards can be found with or without the frame. In order to be able to connect to the screen, the keyboard will need a frame to do so.

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