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Men's Coin Wallets

Men's coin wallets are a simple way to carry coins. They can be part of a wallet or a separate purse and are a handy alternative to carrying loose change in your pockets.

The advantages of a coin wallet

Coins can be heavy and if they're carried in a pocket, they can pull the pocket down, meaning the trousers can lose their shape. It can be quite awkward at times trying to find the right change when you have to rummage through your pocket to find what you want.

Coins can also fall out when you sit down. A coin wallet also won't fall through any holes in your pockets.


There are many different styles and brands, including designer labels. Most are made from leather as this is soft and durable and will allow for frequent opening and closing without cracking. Most leather is waterproof too, so accidental drops in puddles are of no concern.

Others can be made of suede or durable synthetics. Those made from synthetics are often the cheaper variety and not as hard wearing as their leather counterparts. Again these can come in a number of sizes and designs and many well known brands have their own range. These tend to come in a wider array of designs, often with images of popular culture, such as Marvel, DC or other well known franchises.

Simple coin wallets just have a slot for coins. They usually have a simple fold over closure to make it easy to open. Some also have a smaller pocket which can be used for a key or something small such as gum.

Other coin wallets are built into more traditional wallets . These have a compartment inside specifically for coins and credit cards or notes and sometimes with a key holder . This is a good option for keeping all your money in one place.