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Olympus Compact Film Camera with Flash

Olympus are a Japanese company who specialise in cameras and camera equipment, offering makes and models equal in quality to many other companies, but with a lower price tag. Excellent multi-purpose tools for photographers of all abilities, Olympus compact film cameras with flash are often inexpensive and reliable. These smaller, more basic cameras rely more on a photographer's ability than a host of power hungry secondary systems.

Basic point and shoot cameras like compact film cameras enable photographers to take great images without breaking the bank. Using traditional film and minimal features, these basic models are great for both budding photographers and ones in search of a better challenge.


An in built camera flash is an extremely helpful accessory on a camera. Flashes in themselves provide all important light to highlight and accentuate all types of shots. From using 'bouncing' to bounce light off bright surfaces onto the target to using different sizes and brightnesses to achieve the desired effect, a flash is one of the most multi-faceted tools in a photographer's toolbox.

Film type

Camera film most commonly comes as 35mm, which refers to the width of the film. This essentially controls the size of the image produced. Camera film is available in many different types including black and white, colour and infrared. Various types of film can manipulate the effect of the photographs. Professional photographers will carry a selection of film around with them, so they are always ready to go.

Choosing a camera

When it comes to choosing your new Olympus film camera , make sure you think about its weight. This is often overlooked by photographers, both experienced and amateurs. The weight of a camera makes a big difference when you are lugging it from one shoot to another. It is recommended that you research your desired camera before you buy to ensure that you get the right one for your needs.