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Patrick Eggle Electric Guitars

Patrick Eggle, named after British guitar designer Patrick James Eggle, was founded in the 1900s.

Patrick Eggle guitars have been played by many famous artists over the years, including the likes of Queen’s Brian May and Bill Nelson.

What is an electric guitar?

Electric guitars came into existence at the start of the 1930s as a modern take on the classic acoustic guitar

The design made the large empty box at the bottom of the guitar redundant. This allowed for the sound of the electric guitar to be completely fresh and gave the design a smaller, slim-lined frame than previously. 

The built in pickups (which convert string vibrations into electrical signals for amplification) made the electric guitar a unique instrument.

Why invest in a quality electric guitar?

  • Sound - A quality electric guitar will sound much better than a cheaper one, as quality guitars tend to stay in tune for a longer period of time. This is a must for professionals who cannot afford to retune their electric guitar after every song
  • Longevity - Cheaper guitars are made from cheaper materials, making them less resistant to cracking, chipping and scratching than premium quality guitars. Even though premium quality guitars are far more expensive, they will stand the test of time, potentially saving you money on countless repairs
  • Enjoyment - Playing an instrument is meant to be an enjoyable pastime, and there is nothing more fun than playing a quality instrument that has more features. They are more responsive, feel better in the hand, and produce better sound quality, so you can take pride in your playing
  • Looks - Quality guitars have more design features compared to cheaper models and are often made from better quality materials. A high quality guitar is something for you to show off whilst you perform and take pride in