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Samsung 16 Gb SDHC Mobile Phone Memory Card

You can purchase a Samsung 16 Gb SDHC mobile phone memory card in order to expand the amount of memory storage capacity you have on your Samsung phone. You will then be able to store more data on the phone than you would have done previously.

What is an SDHC mobile phone memory card?

Your Samsung phone will come with an amount of memory already built in. What the memory card does is expand the amount of memory on offer (similar to plugging in an external hard drive to a computer or laptop), so you can store more files, images and data on the phone itself.

SDHC stands for Secure Digital High Capacity. It is a means of storing digital data in a particular format, with the high capacity element allowing this format to store more data than a standard non-HC SD card .

The card fits into your Samsung phone's memory card slot, increasing the amount of data (images, video clips, music programs, files and apps) that your phone can hold. This is an especially useful feature if you take a lot of photos or want to download a lot of songs or games to your phone for to keep you entertained on your commute.

16 Gb stands for 16 Gigabytes. Gigabytes is the way digital data is measured, so inserting a 16 Gb memory card into a Samsung phone that originally had 16 Gb of in-built memory means you are effectively doubling the amount of data you can store on your phone.

About the Samsung brand

Samsung is a South Korean firm that was originally founded in 1938. Initially a trading shop, the firm expanded into many different industries over the years, until it is today one of the most widely-recognised brands in the world, supplying everything from ships and insurance to their famous electronics goods and mobile phones.