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Sony Memory Cards for Cameras

Sony memory cards for cameras make it easy to store, share and transfer images from one device to another. In a world largely governed by technology, they provide a practical way to preserve data offering a wide range of gigabyte capacities.

Storage Capacity

Memory cards from Sony offer a variety of storage options. While amateur photographers looking to take the odd picture here and there may be satisfied with a 2GB or 4GB memory card , professionals who carry out regular burst shooting sessions are likely to need a card that can hold much larger, high-resolution files.

Sony SD Cards

Secure Digital cards - also known as SD cards - come in many sizes and offer a multitude of storage options. While the first SD cards on the market had very little memory, they've been continuously updated and can now store 64GB or more with ease.

Most SD cards also offer a class rating which gives an accurate indication of how fast the card is. The number on the card represents the speed the card can read and write data in MB/s. For instance, a card with a rating of 10 will have a minimum read/write speed of 10MB/s helping you to choose which card is best for you with optimum precision.

Sony SDHC Cards

Many of Secure Digital High Capacity cards - commonly referred to as SDHC cards - have ultra-high speed data transfers and come with free Sony File Rescue software which makes it possible to recover photographic and video content that is accidentally deleted. They can be used in Sony devices compatible with the SDHC format.

Sony SDXC Cards

Secure Digital eXtended Capacity cards, abbreviated to SDXC, have a vast amount of storage space. Their capacity can range from 64GB to 2TB making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to store a multitude of larger files. SDXC cards are also ideal for HD video recording.