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Ted Baker Floral Scarves Shawls for Women

The ideal addition to any stylish wardrobe, Ted Baker floral scarves and shawls for women are certain to brighten up any outfit. Scarves and shawls are a practical and chic option to give a touch of elegance to your look in any season and for any occasion. They also add an extra layer of warmth and comfort where needed. The versatility of a scarf means as well as being tied around the neck or shoulders, they can even be used as a hair accessory or belt.

A floral silk Ted Baker scarf is light, smooth and luxurious. Polyester Ted Baker scarves and shawls are ideal for everyday wear as they are more likely to be machine washable.

There are different lengths and styles to choose from including popular skinny and blanket scarves, shawls and capes to wrap yourself in.

The opulent floral patterns favoured by the Ted Baker include flowers such as orchids, roses, tropical blooms, cherry blossom, poppies and magnolias.

Versatile blanket scarves can be worn in many ways including the familiar tie around your neck or in a loop or bandana for something different. They can also be draped over your shoulders or tied at the front and can also be transformed into a body, or off the shoulder wrap.

The bright designs and silk and polyester materials of Ted Baker's floral scarves and shawls are sure to make you feel extra special. They're an ideal gift for Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries or Mother's Day.

Scarves have been a popular clothing item throughout history with evidence they were worn in different fashions by Egyptian queens, Chinese emperors and the Romans. They became a fashion accessory in early 19th century for both men and women, and became a versatile clothing essential in the 20th century.

Today a scarf or shawl in a floral print pattern adorned with the Ted Baker logo makes a versatile and elegant accessory.

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