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Zyn Cymbals

Produced by Premier drums in the 1950s as an affordable, professional cymbal, Zyn cymbals are a budget cymbal with a good quality sound. 

Available as crash, ride and hihat, the Zyn was initially popular with notable jazz musicians.

The Super Zyn cymbal was comparable to the Zildjian cymbal in its day, but the series was discontinued in 2006, and can now only be bought as pre-owned classic and vintage items, making them even more affordable to drummers on a tight budget who still want a high quality sound from their cymbal.

Some Zyn cymbals on the market today date back to the sixties, and are often bought by collectors of vintage musical memorabilia. Made primarily from B20 alloy, Zyn cymbals have a splashy, trashy sound, ideal for budding rock drummers on a budget.

What to expect from your Zyn cymbals

  • Vintage and classic Super Zyn cymbals ideal for collectors
  • Great quality cymbals available pre-owned
  • Trashy, crash sound favoured by rock drummers
  • Zyn cymbals provide professional quality at a budget price
  • Crash, hihat and ride cymbals available in different sizes
  • Available in brilliant and traditional finish

Caring for you Zyn cymbal

All musical instruments benefit from regular cleaning and careful handling, particularly if you are intending to use them professionally. Zyn cymbals don't require any specialist care, but cleaning them with a dry cloth after each practice session will help to remove dust and grime.

For a high shine and a little protection from the drum sticks, you may wish to treat your Zyn cymbals to a small amount of soap and water, taking care not to use any kind of abrasive cleaner as this will damage the surface and remove shine.

If your Zyn cymbal is a vintage model, you may like to provide it with some extra care by applying a cymbal protector spray, which ensures a bright finish without affecting the sound.