• Snap It
    1.Snap It
  • Write It
    2.Write It
  • Price It
    3.Price It
  • Send It
    4.Send It

Sell in 4 Easy Steps

That old camera or those unworn sunglasses don't need to gather dust.
Do what Tom does and sell on eBay.
Sell today, holiday tomorrow.
Selling On eBay Is A Piece of Cake

1. Snap It

Treat the pic of your item like a selfie. Have good lighting and make sure you take several shots

2. Write It

Use key words to write a description of your item that is interesting, informative, and of course, honest!

3. Price It

Have you got a price in mind? Choose buy it now. If not, have fun with it and see what you can make with an auction sale

4. Post It

Want them to come to you? Choose local pick up. Happy to post it? Then do exactly that

3 Reasons You'll

Love Selling With Us

  • Make money easily
  • Make some space by having a clear-out
  • Whether you're selling a beach towel or a kayak, there is someone who will love it on eBay

People Can't

Get Enough Of...

  • Mobile
  • Head phones
  • Watch
  • Earring
  • Chair
  • Bike