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Long battery life100% agree

Good value100% agree

Good quality screen95% agree


A great E-Reader with a good price, but if you want a Tablet, choose iPad.

Bought this to replace my iPad which I found I was only using to read on.

I love the readability of the screen, feels just like a book. Some slight glare when under direct light, but nothing compared to the iPad's glass screen.
I also like the built in browser. A bit basic, but able to load mobile sites such as Facebook fine.

As this is the 3G model you can browse anywhere you go. I particularly like that the 3G is free to use (apart from Whispersync delivery for documents, which I guess is where Amazon get the funding for it from). This is a minor complaint, however, compared to competition packages that require a monthly bill, so at least you're only paying for what you use. Documents can also be transferred via USB, so there's never really any need for the charge unless you're desparate.

Another thing I like is that books can be transferred to/from a computer freely, which is something iBooks on the iPad lacks. I like being able to read books without having to worry about where they came from. This is especially true when reading lesser-known authors that may not appear in the Kindle store, leaving me free to find their work elsewhere and still enjoy it in my favourite format.

The ability to store highlights and to read highlights that others have stored adds to the experience and is especially sueful when reading research or text books. As a student nurse, I find that being able to store highlighted blocks of text in an easy-to-reach menu invaluable to my studies.

The keyboard is fairly easy to use, although I don't like that the Symbol alternatives aren't labelled on the keyboard, making the whole thing guesswork. This is particularly annoying when inputting passwords that contain numbers. Additionally, the page-turning buttons, while in a nice general position, can sometimes be slightly awkward to reach. However, this may be due to my obsession with slouching in every single chair I sit in.

Having swapped the iPad for this, I have a good idea how both of them function and don't believe that the two can be truly compared. The iPad sits in an entirely different class of device and is a full blown tablet solution rather than a simple E-Reader. With this in mind, I do honestly prefer reading books on the Kindle. If you're looking for more of an alternative to a laptop, however, I'd go for the iPad. However, if you're like me and just need a simple, convinient way to store your library, the Kindle is for you.

The only other thing I miss about the iPad is the ease of use for taking notes in lectures and classes. While I can still use my Macbook, the iPad was a much smaller and transportable solution. While the Kindle is usable, the full-sized keyboard of the iPad is soarly missed.

I've never used another E-Reader before, but based on what I know I'd say that the Kindle is the best bet. It's the best selling E-Reader available. The built in WiFi and 3G make it easy to use anywhere and allow you to download and read a book as fast as you can think about it.
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Excellent Gadget with only one small niggle

...and that single small niggle will only become apparent if you refer to footnotes on pages (in reference books for example) - because the Kindle resumes where you left off.

Apart from that one single minor inconvenience, the Kindle 3 is absolutely superb. No surprise that it's Amazons top selling product. Deservedly so. It's well designed, well thought through, and affordably priced.

They have got it spot-on, the right size, the right weight, and the screen is like reading a paper book, no strain on the eyes at all, clear and uncannily like "proper" print.

The web browser is useful but of course it is not a full-on bells-and-whistles browser (so no flash or other plugins), and it is in black and white. But it works OK.

9/10 for this model.

Tip: Go for the 3G wireless version, thats a 10/10.
When I bought this one on ebay the listing was slightly confusing/misleading and I assumed it was 3G, and paid the 3G price for a non 3G Kindle... so be careful with that - like all things on ebay, read the listing very carefully!
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3G version. Great value for money. Perfect for home and on the go use.

Bought this product as I do quite a bit of travelling and carrying books can become a bit heavy especially with luggage restrictions on planes.

I chose the 3G/WiFi model as I liked the idea that I could access my Amazon account wherever I was and add new books without having to pay additional charges for internet connectivity.

So far I have not found anything I really dislike about the product and I really like the fact that the screen size is not much smaller then the size of a paperback so I feel like I am reading a very light book.
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Fantastic product, highly recommended!

I have been thinking about purchasing an e-book reader for some time and have had many recommendations for Kindles from friends and family so i decided to buy one and i am so glad i did!
It's lightweight, portable and hold thousands of books.
There is a range of great books that you can download free from amazon as well as a whole library of titles to buy.
So far i have found all of my favourite authors are available in kindle format and it's so easy to download and get reading.
The reading screen is unbelievable. I honestly thought there was a protective film i had to peel off as it just didn't look like a screen. There is no glare, the text size, font and layout are adjustable to suit you.
Navigation is very easy and there is a comprehensive user guide stored on the memory for you to access at any time.
The only negative thing i can think of is that it is only compatible with Amazon and i cant use other e-books purchased elsewhere. (But as i don't have any others that's ok with me)
I would definitely advise getting a case for your kindle to protect it when not in use or in your bag and maybe a light for use in dim areas. (I don't have one yet but thing it would be useful)
I am so glad i invested in the kindle and would highly recommend it to everyone who likes reading!
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Hassle free reading - but at a price!

I often share my fiction books with friends, so for a long time I didn't consider buying a Kindle, particularly as the price of popular fiction eBooks set by the publishers does not compare favourably with the price of popular fiction offers you can get in most supermarkets these days.
However, once I'd handled one, I was an instant convert.

For me the advantages are:
I can declutter my bookshelves and regain so much room.
I can carry thousands of books in the palm of my hand and read them comfortably.
Reading quality is great with the added bonus of being able to select a typeface and resize the text.
I don't have to hold a book open - it's much easier to read (especially while lying down!).
It has a good battery life, especially if you turn wireless of between purchases, though you need to keep an eye on the battery status indicator so that it doesn't catch you out at an inopportune moment.
Providing you have access to a computer, it's easy to add eBooks that have not been purchased from Amazon using the drag and drop feature.
The unit seems quite robust, though a protective cover of some sort is really a must, and of course this means more financial outlay!
'Sleep' and 'wakeup' modes are instant. It's quicker to carry on reading a Kindle than it is to pick up and open a book.

There are also a few disadvantages:
As mentioned earlier, the price of newly published eBooks does not compare favourably with the price of newly published paperbacks. I recognise the need for authors, etc. to get fair payment for their work but given today's ecological climate and the fact that these books are much cheaper to produce in electronic format, I think there should be more of an incentive to buy books this way in terms of price comparison, especially as the device is a considerable outlay of expense in the first place! (As long as you have access to a computer, you don't have to buy books from Amazon though, and there are some bargains to be had in popular fiction categories of older releases.)
You can share books stored on your Kindle - but only if your friends also have a Kindle. I know the free Kindle reader app is available, but this is not as comfortable and convenient a way of reading eBooks.
Organising the library into collections on the Kindle device itself (without using external software) requires some thought and time.
I wish there were a quicker way of switching the Kindle off (ie. off completely - not into sleep/standby mode)

On a personal note, the screensavers aren't to my taste. I'd like to have the option of personalised collections of screensavers,
I'd also love a reasonably priced colour screen option to be made available to enhance children's picture books and illustrated reference books.
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I have been thinking of buying Amazon Kindle for quite a long time and I finally got one a few days ago. I had read lots of very good reviews about them and I have to say that most of it is true.
It is about the size and weight of a paperback book but the device will hold up to 3500 books. The text size can be changed up to 8 times so any downloaded book can be turned into large print. No more having to pack 3 or 4 paperbacks for your holiday,just download them onto your Kindle.
The printing is very clear and can still be read on the screen in bright sunlight.It is very quick and easy to download a book. It took me about 60 seconds.
The price of ebooks does vary,some are cheaper than paperbacks and some more expensive.
The only negative I can find is that all the ebooks have to be bought from Amazon, but they have such a massive choice that it should not be a problem.
All in all a very good product and my advice to anyone thinking of buting a Kindle is what are you waiting for?
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Amazon Kindle 3 Wifi (NOT 3G)

It's great. Like everyone else I'd seen the ads and I was intrigued. So I bought it. It works straight out of the box, and you can get some books for free (usually "classics"). You can also get the 1st chapter of other books free as a sample, and then you can choose to buy the whole book or not. It's what you should expect:
- thin, lightweight, great text/print, very close to a real book,
- you can adjust font and portrait/landscape reading
- it knows where you are, so when you come back to it you automatically carry on reading from where you left off.
- just like a real book, you will need a light if you want to read it in the dark!! (it is NOT backlit in any way).
- the battery lasts for ages (I read the 2nd & 3rd books in the "girl with the dragon Tattoo" trilogy on the same battery, and there was loads left).
- the e-books are VERY easy to buy, and VERY easy and quick to download
- the e-books are much cheaper than their printed counterparts, and half the price of the same books at Waterstones to use on the Waterstones reader.

Two comments
1)I bought mine on e-bay just before Christmas and paid over the odds (£130 instead of £109), but it came in time and I was, and still am, very happy. But if you can, buy it direct from Amazon, that way it will have your account details and everything already set up and "ready to go". With your name on it!

2) If you don't mind re-charging the battery every other day, and you have a Apple Ipad, you can get the kindle app for that, for free. It works just the same, but the Ipad is bigger, much harsher on the eyes and backlit. And the kids will pinch it all the time to play their games on it.

In summary (and just my personal opinion):
- got an Ipad already and don't mind charging it all the time? Use the Amazon Kindle App. (Even in the dark)
- want to read lots, on holiday, don't have an Ipad, don't want to faff about charging every other day? Get the Kindle. And a clip-on light if you want to read in the dark!

Good luck, and I hope this was helpful.
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Amazon Kindle 3 wifi (not 3g)

having seen various ads for the kindle on the telly, and having a girlfriend who spent every spare moment reading it seemed the ideal birthday present for her, it arrived and straight out the box it was up and running, couldnt have been simpler, its light in the hand and the buttons are positive for page turning, the screen is very impressive being as easy on the eye as proper ink on paper, ok its NOT backlit but thats no bad thing as it would detract from the crispness of the text on the screen, I will admit to being tempted to get one for myself as the fw times I picked it up I found it very easy to read on (far less builky than a hardback/paperback book) and the fact it remembers where you got to when you turn it off and on again is a massive bonus.
I have tried the built in extras on it, the web browser is fine for stuff like wikipedia but pages with a large amount of imagery/flash content seem to slow it badly butas they say the browser is an experimental program included in the kindle.

The main DOWNSIDE of the kindle is the fact it doesnt come with a protective cover of any description, we use a jiffy envelope for ours but thats not infallible

so all in all??
if you read loads and want a handy way of carrying a few books (3500 apparently) then its spot on.. also bear in mind that the last book we bought Jilly Cooper's Jump was nearly 20 quid in print and only 5.68 on the kindle it makes a lot of sense that way as well..

thanks for reading my review and hope it helps you make up your mind..
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Amazon Kindle with keyboard

I am passionate about my keyboard kindle! I first got this model a few years ago and took it travelling with me, nose glued to it at every opportunity and heartbroken when I dropped it and half the screen went black!
However, all was not lost - I found a repairman back in UK, but after I had bought a newer more digital version which I do not like nearly so much as it does not have the side clip buttons for turning the pages, and is not so easy to hold with one hand lying in bed.
I bought this with 150 books via eBay for less than half the cost of repair just in case I should ever find myself in the same situation!
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Super product long battery life great price highly recommend to other people

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