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Long battery life100% agree

Good value100% agree

Good quality screen100% agree



I am really pleased with my kindle working relley well and relley good condition thank you

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mj654ng


Brilliant Kindle

Bought it for my girlfriend's birthday, she absolutely loves it. The only problem is that it hasn't been released in the UK so you cannot purchase books on from the kindle touch. This is easily solved though by just buying books online and because its 3G it downloads straight to the kindle registered to your amazon account.Read full review...


Best discovery ever!!!!!

I bought this product so that I can use it when I go on tour for 6 months. it saves me carrying loads of books when i can carry the kindle with the books on it. it's lighter than any of my novels that I have bought.
downloading books was a snap as well.
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Makes a very good present

Really happy with this product, the sooner Amazon support it the better. it is likely that they will release it this year.



Bought it for myself as i spend endless hours travelling. I also have music on it so as to read and listen at the same time (with earphones so that I don't have to hear the drivel of fellow travellers) great purchase, I.m really pleased with it! Only thing is the battery doesn't last as long as I had hoped - probably due to the MP3 music files. No problems with downloading content either books or music and I also subscribe to Aubilble so I can listen to books when in bedRead full review...


Made for the job, easy to use and easy to read, Recommended

I bought this for my 90 year old mum because she can no longer hold a large paperback for any length of time. It also means an end to the mountains of books she has lying around the house once they're finished. I had to go to the Kindle website and download a couple of software updates, and also to set her up an account so she can buy books, but now, after a little tuition she has managed to buy a couple of titles and seems to be coping pretty well. I use a tablet to read E-books and it's got to be said, in anything other than complete darkness the kindle is far easier to read, much better definition and easier on the eyes. Don't know about the battery life yet though its looking good at this early stage (1 Week in). In Summary, if you only want to read and don't need web browsing, the Kindle is the top choice...Read full review...


Best reading experience for normal or dyslexic readers on the go.

Best reading experience. This was bought for my son with dyslexia and visual distress (Meares Irlen)and this has been the perfect product with its (touch) built-in dictionary and voice to text and free 3G connectivity to download items wherever and whenever including abroad.
This item is just perfect. The non glare screen helps those with visual distress and is much better than the Kindle Paperwhite in this respect.
The item is light and pleasing to the eye with lots of other functionality including the X-ray, bookmark and highlight functions to name a few.
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The Kindle Touch is the perfect companion for avid readers.

I am so impressed with this little Kindle Touch. The overall size and weight of it makes it so comfortable for a good feet up relaxing read, easy to pop into a handbag and have with you at all times. Very easy to set up and manage and 'shop' in the Kindle book store, purchases come through with in a minute. I have had Kindle Keyboard but found this Touch lighter and easier to handle. I also have a Kindle Fire HD, which I love with a passion, for all sorts of reasons, so I am a Kindle fan.Read full review...



I bought this item for my wife, she is delighted with it and found it very user friendly. It does what it say`s on the box, a very good piece of kit.


A Great Device

I bought the Kindle for myself. I am very pleased with it. It is so easy to use and downloading books from the Kindle site is so easy. I did have to do some software updates when I received it. I had to do a little bit of web searching to find out how to do this but, once I did find out, the updates installed without any problem.

It is good to look on the Kindle site, using a computer, for books (there are quite a few free books on there too), purchase them and when you have your Kindle to hand switch on the wireless connection and your books are automatically downloaded - so easy.

It is such a good device and saves a lot of space not having to buy physical books. Also, I think it encourages you to read more because sometimes a book can look like a long read but having one page at a time showing on the Kindle it is surprising how many pages to read.

I would certainly recommend a Kindle to anyone.
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