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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life100% agree


High quality player

Sound quality is really good, nice detail with wide sound stage. Battery life is good with up to 12 hours of listening. Good features including FM radio, can act like a watch if you want. The touch screen is cool with swiping and such. Settings include lots of EQs to browse.
iTunes is easy to use.
The Nano has a max bit rate of 24Bit 48Khz.
However the shake function does not work, its supposed to change the song and its enabled. Probably the only negative.
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The perfect ipod - better than newer models

Great product, I actually like it more than new ipods as it is cutely square, fits with many older docks and is just as functional as larger models!


excellent product and bargain.

great product just as i expected,very nice indeed and very smart ipod value for money.was little surprised by the size but hey thats apple for you and i think for gym its the way to go in style.


Spot on! Great product!

Spot on! Can't fault it at all.

Great product and gf is very happy with it.

Even better than the last versions of the nano's.



Love my new I pod nano touch,holds loads of songs it is easy to use. Excellent would recomend to anyone.


The 6th Generation Nano is a step forward

I bought this as a present for my daughter after owning one myself for several months. I've used most of the Nano models over the years - and as a pure music listener (I don't use my iPod for photos or movies etc) the Nano has always had plenty of capacity for my needs and the compact size suits me: More often than not I use my iPod when running or otherwise exercising.

For me the 6th Generation Nano is perhaps the biggest step forward Apple have made with this range, bearing in mind that I don't have much interest in the movie feature that appeared on the previous model. It's even more compact, is feather-light, and comes with a clip that allows you to attach it to your belt, or shirt, or whatever. A cracking addition. The small size also means it fits into the same case as I use to carry my earphones.

The other big change from previous models is the touch screen. I think I marginally prefer it to the wheel on previous models, although this could just be that I'm now used to the iPhone interface so the touch screen just feels more modern. On the plus side it gives you flexibility to set up your screens to suit. However, it can be a bit fiddly - in particular the alphabet to allow you to quickly jump through your catalogue is on the right hand side of the screen. I sometimes find that I catch this accidentally as I'm just trying to scroll through, and jump several letters through the alphabet as a result. I'd say this is a minor irriration overall.

I consider myself to be a reasonably serious music listener, and use a decent pair of earphones (Westone 2). I can't remember the last time I even unwrapped the basic white earphones that are supplied as standard with iPods. I listen to a variety of music including classic rock, dance, jazz and classical. I've never experienced a sound quality issue with any of the Nanos I've owned. From time to time I've done informal comparisons with other players and not yet come across a reason to switch away from the Nano.
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iPod Nano 6th Gen 16GB - One Solution

Since when I got my first MP3 player in 2001, there used to be several issues always. Actually this is my 7th MP3 player and 4th iPod that is the closest to be perfect (ever)! I liked 16GB built-in memory in this size, light weight, functions including that it's very easy to pick tunes, FM radio, apps, battery life time, and user-friendly design. It is also excellent to use with Bose MIE2i Mobile headset with a remote. Overall excellent like 9/10.

Additionally, in case if I can tease more to Apple, possibly more memory (such as additional 32GB+ model etc) and faster sync speed as possible. Because I took like 14 hours to fill this 16GB model (only about 15GB you can use though) converting to 128kbps from higher kbps and I was only able to put about 4000 tunes in 128kbps, although Apple ads stated as 5000 tunes... (Maybe my tunes are longer than average...!?)

Also, in the future if possible, supporting Bluetooth headphones as a standard setting (without any additional adapter/dongle like now, because this Nano has a mini-stereo jack right next to a power/sync connection part, so some old iPod Bluetooth dongle for power/sync connection couldn't be attached. Mini-stereo jack connection dongles seemed ok to put though, myself hasn't tested sound quality of that type yet) and having some waterproof might be better for sports loving people ...or in our rainy Britain. (There are waterproof sports cases as options though, it makes this cute one little bigger...)

In this moment, I might buy another colour if I required more memory, because I quite liked this new Nano.
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