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Good sound quality91% agree

Easy to use95% agree

Long battery life85% agree


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My son bought an 8GB iPod touch from the Apple store and paid £148.99 for it.

Once ny daughter saw it she wanted one but only had £70 left over from christmas and £50 from us for her coming birthday on the 10th. I saaw this item and we decided to go for it.

Considering the time of year and the weather, the ipod arrived quickly. Fully sealed apple box. On opening the box and connecting the ipod to a computer to charge it came on immediately. Registered the device with itunes and the itunes store and created the library and synced the device.

Everything worked as it should, the built in gps, wifi, accelerometer etc works great. We downloaded a couple of free apps from the itunes store with no problems.

If you are going to but a touch then save yourself £30 and get one of these. As good as any you would buy from apple or any other high street / internet retailer - but cheaper.
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Apple iPod touch 2nd Generation (8 GB) MP3 Player

My daughter loves this product as she can now have her music and videos where ever she is and be able to play games watch movies and she can get online while out & about (with out costing me a fortune in credit lol)
I like all the apps you can get on it to help with school work etc.. as well the personal planner to do list calculator there are apps for almost everything its fab and she always knows where she needs to be and when and what she has to do with out my constant reminders (im no longer the personal assistant her new Ipod is)
Money well spent for my 11yr old
Another big bonus is that if anything goes wrong and you do not have your receipt you can just pop into any Apple store and they will help sort it out if its still in guaranty they can tell off the serial number as i recently found out when i updated to the new software and it stopped working (wish i had known earlier though as the back light had gone of) there really helpful and exchanged mine for a new one and updated the software so it was ready to just plug-in and go when i got home
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iPod touch 2nd generation

Have an iPhone 6s but the sound on the iPod is loud! Easy to use, have about 700 songs stored. My son uses it for watching videos even tho he has a kindle

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Me new I player

The product is very good quality, postage was excellent and I'm really happy with it, many thanks :)

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Apple product hater now semi converted.

I have used apple products for 30 years since 1982, over last 5 years have been jaded by Apple products and their holy-than-thow attitude, both to buyers and supply chain. My daughter(14) persauded me to purchase I-pod touch. Its very good, goes back to reliable electronics. 2nd gen. is classy looking, and backs it up with dependable audio and visio outcomes.
My seller delivered item early and spotless. Obviously a chamois letter was used before it was shipped. Previous mother board was completely wiped, I have had previous products from other sources with dubious ghosts in the machine !!!
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Apple ipod 2nd generation

Great device and quick delivery too, thanks!

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So much better than ipod nano as far as sound and performance


iPod touch 8gb second generation

the iPod touch is excellent - easy to use and the sound of the music is great. i would say that
it is as good as a new one.

I am very happy to have this item.

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