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Very good for beards and short hair.

Nice trimmer,also great for short hair.
Easy to clean and to get the hair out of as it comes apart and you can take the guard off.I have had a few of these and this one is by far the best and it's not to big.Read full review...


Simple, effective, an all-round excellent product

A very fine product, simple but very effective. I bought one to replace a Babyliss "i-stubble",which broke. My old, expensive, "i-stubble" did exactly the same job as this, but used a little electric motor to adjust the trim length, rather than a nice simple mechanical dial. The "i-stubble" is a deeply stupid product, perhaps the worst example of pointless complexity that I have ever seen. This product, however, is no more complicated than it needs to be, and does a great job.Read full review...


Great product and excellent value for money

Great product and excellent value for money. Easy product to use, can use with power chord attached or use on battery power. Simple to sdjust trimmer length. The battery power lasts about 35 minutes, you can also use two different power modes. All in all this is a very good product. A+++Read full review...


Babylisss Beard Trimmer

A manually adjustable beard trimmer with plenty of length settings. Produces a great stubble finish.Would recommend.


very good

all in all a good product. can be a bit messys if you dont keep up with your trimming but good not the less

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