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Affordable BlackBerry with some very nice features!

BlackBerry phones have been known to produce unreal technology, It's like having a mini personal computer, but its a phone!

The new BlackBerry Curve 8520, is affordable, reliable and includes some great features such as a Qwerty Keyboard, trackpad and a digital camera, however the camera has no flash and was only 2MP (sad face).

-Easy to use keyboard
-Digital Camera
-Responsive Trackpad
-Great design (colour black seems to be the most popular...I can see why!)
-Good Price

-Digital camera not flash and only 2MP
-No 3G
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is nice hand set worth every penny

well............. i change a hand set about 3 times a yr but this time i bought the blackberry curve it nice is light, easy to use, and you like to be on line all the times then blackberry is the phone. now i wont buy any more!!!!!!!!!!!!Read full review...


Blackberry's Curvey, Slinky, Minky, Stoaty 8520 Phone !

Other than perhaps some missing style flourishes and the lack of 3G connectivity, the Curve 8520 is a real BlackBerry, with all the BlackBerry bells and whistles we’ve come to expect. Excellent for both verbal and nonverbal communication and with plenty of entertainment and expansion options.

The 2-megapixel camera takes surprisingly excellent pictures indoors and out, with plenty of preset exposure options. Snapshots are colorful, with as much detail as you’d expect from a 2-megapixel imager.

The trackpad is a huge leap beyond BlackBerry’s other navigation options. The tiny pad is more functional and reactive than typical navigation arrays. You simply slide your thumb across it to move the cursor in any direction, and press it in to activate whatever lights up...simple and easy.

Using the included BlackBerry desktop software you can load tracks. It offers the option to pull in either entire playlists, or random tracks from specific playlists, depending on how much space you have on your memory card, from either iTunes or Windows Media Player. Music plays continuously and seamlessly under all applications. The sounds of music and movies blasted with plenty of volume and bass through the top speaker.

While the Curve has no problem playing back MPEG-4 on its bright and colorful 2.46-inch screen, it can’t handle QuickTime movies.

All in all the Curve is a great phone/pmp/smartphone, call it what you will. Worth the money for it's sleekness and elegance.
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BlackBerry Curve 8520 Phone

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Phone is a one of the greatest smartphones availible in the market today.
Its caperbility and OS (Operating System) is fantastic.
Its speed is great for your buisness and personla life such as facebook.
Blackberry has something called 'live' which is something about socializing.
The phone is great for a one user & nearly everyone should be able to use it.
The BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone has introduced something called a TrackPad.
It replaces the old ball that most Smartphones have. The Ball used to get stuck over a few months or so because of dust and some people claimed it fell out.
The great theing is blackberry tried there best to resolve this problem.
So they introduced the TrackPad. Its supposed to work like a laptops trackpad and with my experience with it, It does!
Its easy to use and has many features on it.
The email caperbilities are fantastic and has a great camera for a blackberry.
The QWERTY keyboard is a bit small but is spaced out and is really easy to use after a while.
Its WI-Fi uses are pretty good.
You can store your credit card details for things like a wifi hotspot thaat you need to pay for.
It does have a AppStore.
It isnt like the iphone/Apples AppStore but it is getting there.
Well we hope you enjoyed this review.
If you need any questions answerd?
Just mail me.
Regards Magic!
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Lovely little thing!

This is a wonderful phone, once you get it up and running. Keys take a bit of getting used too and using the alt button to change the symbols! Please note that if you buy one you will have to contact your provider to upgrade your account to used the phone ( addition cost to your contract) and then will have to wait for all the settings to be placed on the phone before you can register it. Long winded but worth it in the end!!! Its worth while obtaining a pouch for the phone also.
Takes very good pictures and has alot of memory, worth getting a good memory card also. All programs are easy to use!
Only slight downfall is that the battery doesnt keep for a very long time... Four days max but that isnt so bad...
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Blackberry 8520 Curve - great phone!

Brilliant phone/Blackberry, easy to use, lightweight and efficient. The only critism i have is the buttons are a bit too small, it's hrd to type you have to really concentrate so not good if you are writing emails in a rush, but you do get used to it.Read full review...


Good Phone

I love the colour of this phone - it's amazing. The phone in general is awesome =] definitely worth buying.


Blackberry Curve

A great phone, very light, easy to use. has good functions, easy to carry, you wont even feel that its in your pocket.


Blackberry Curve

One of the best phones you could ever have owned. In fact its more like a mini laptop for your pocket. Instant messenger, Facebook, Internet and direct email in your hands. Easy to see and use full qwerty keyboard. Large clear full colour screen. Loads of memeory space, plus expandable via micro-sd card. More than just a smart phone, more like a personal assistant.Read full review...


good service

i like the fact that the seller was sincere and kind.
he made it very easy for me without difficulties.

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