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Love the PlayBook a little more everyday.

I wanted the PlayBook from the moment it was first mentioned back in 2010. As a self-confessed BlackBerry geek I followed every bit of information I could get on it and my desire grew.

Then the news. RIM were selling it at the same price as Apple's market-leading iPad. Surely a marketing disaster. Anyway, not to worry eBay meant that I could get mine at the price I thought it should have been -£349 and a fortnight before the official UK launch.

After much initial excitement, I started to feel buyer's remorse. Why had I bought this - hardly any apps, buggy and still quite a bit of money.

A few days later and having used the device daily, I love it. Software updates have fixed many of the bugs and bring new little toys each time. The email, calendar etc have not been an issue as the Bridge program links with the BB Torch pretty well. Still some issues with attachments but I hope future updates will fix this.

I hardly ever use my laptop anymore because the internet experience is so good.

The hardware is really good - I wanted a tablet I could carry easily and the PlayBook fits the bill perfectly. I frequently use it in meetings for notes and demos.

The option of using my BB Torch's internet connection is excellent and falls within my current tariff so no additional sim and so far no additional costs. However 3G streaming is so good that could change.

Now for the bad bits - Apps, Apps and Apps. Or rather No apps, no apps and no apps. Hopefully the addition of Android Apps in the summer will help fix this.

In conclusion, it is a fantastic tool, especially if you have a BlackBerry but I fear that the negative press may just kill it though.

This review was typed on the PlayBook.
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Fantastic tool for a blackberry phone owner, altogether incredible!

The playbook software has a few bugs that RIM needs to resolve, but nothing that you can't work around. Other than these minor gripes, the playbook is fantastic!

I am away from the office about 3 days a week and this allows me to properly reply to emails, edit and work on excel and word files, review and amend large documents.

Previously to do these things I had to carry my laptop around, but loading time, getting it out, finding a wifi connection, all meant that I mostly just waited until I got home in an evening or back to the office

The ability to drop files back and forth over wifi and between the blackberry phone and playbook are both useful. With a free app you can also look in to the file system of the playbook - great for keeping files organised

I have access to the IPad and overall find this the much better tool for business. I wear a barbour jacket most days (except in this summer weather) and can fit the playbook in the pocket, even if I am not wearing the jacket, it's easy to carry or slip in to a file - no need for a bag or bulky item

On the whole I am very happy and just waiting for RIM to fix these minor software glitches! (and also for a skype app to come out for it!) One downside to this is that with no access to email on the move unless you have a blackberry phone, this probably is one for the blackberry phone owners
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Fantastic first tablet, depending what you do, this can even better an ipad

Playbook, the names says it all! If you want a tablet for some serious web browsing or even use it as a mini tv screen for cooking tips in your kitchen, this is an amazing tablet! If you want page editing and some nice games, better off an ipad 2 right now... But for the price I paid £250, this is the best tablet money can buy... Quick and power efficient.. If you have a blackberry phone especially like the bold 9900 or torch 9860, go with the wifi only version as you can tether from yr blackberry phone... This little gem is only going to get better once RIM developers start creating good apps in the future... Gave it 4 stars because of lack of ecosystem around it, particularly apps but it is a great investment for the future if you are willing to wait for the app store to take off.Read full review...


excxellent product

i really love blackberry product iv been a fan for a long time now and iv been waiting to get my hand on a play-book ever since it was first announced, its well build the sound quality is excellent the screen is super sharp and bright perfect hardware but very poor software but i believe in blackberry i ave to give 5 star for hardware but 3 stars for software and lack of many app and games but its early version like apple when there was no app for the phone when it came out firstRead full review...


great buy

this product is great and it has been a great exterience. it is 5over 5 as reaten. i needed a tablet and it si secure and safe to use and keep data safe. i would buy it again if i needed a tablet.this product is great and it has been a great exterience. it is 5over 5 as reaten. i needed a tablet and it si secure and safe to use and keep data safe. i would buy it again if i needed a tablet
this product is great and it has been a great exterience. it is 5over 5 as reaten. i needed a tablet and it si secure and safe to use and keep data safe. i would buy it again if i needed a tablet
this product is great and it has been a great exterience. it is 5over 5 as reaten. i needed a tablet and it si secure and safe to use and keep data safe. i would buy it again if i needed a tablet
this product is great and it has been a great exterience. it is 5over 5 as reaten. i needed a tablet and it si secure and safe to use and keep data safe. i would buy it again if i needed a tablet
this product is great and it has been a great exterience. it is 5over 5 as reaten. i needed a tablet and it si secure and safe to use and keep data safe. i would buy it again if i needed a tablet
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video slow

the blackberry could be a very good tool if video card was upgraded, I got it for grandchildren to watch you tube but video is very slow to catch up buffers quite a lot, all in all I would not buy another oneRead full review...

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as good as i'd hoped

Initial thoughts were optimistic-and proven true, a well made and solid instrument-true and clean. Its future is in the lap... but I'm feeling confident


Solid, up to date hardware totally undermined by incomplete, buggy software

RIM's answer to the iPad has been long awaited, and now I've used it for a week my intial excitement has unfortunately waned.

Don't get me wrong, the hardware in the PlayBook is top notch. Where other companies deliberate ship their devices with rubbish cameras, forcing you to upgrade a few months later, RIM have honestly packed the PlayBook with top spec hardware, two HD cameras, and a standard micro-HDMI port to connect easily to any HD tv.

However, using the device for just a few days makes it clear that this is a work in progress and RIM have rushed it to market. It's seriously lacking in apps and features, and unfortunately the software is very buggy.

For something marketed as a business tablet, there are no apps on there to let you do business. No e-mail app, no calendar app, no contacts app. You can pair it with a BlackBerry phone via Bluetooth but it's painfully slow and unreliable, and if you don't have a BlackBerry, you don't get e-mail, calendar, contacts, or even 'memopad'.

So what is the tablet good for? Browsing is good with a full Flash enabled browser (I used mine to watch ITV Player, 4oD and Demand5 on YouTube which are blocked in the iPad YouTube app) but Flash on the PlayBook is one of the bug riddled features. It's good for playing videos and you can connect to your HDTV.

There's also a handful of fun games to play and more to buy from the app store. But don't be fooled into thinking it'd be great for long train journeys or flights because the battery life is absolutely pitiful.

There's also other features sorely missing - no Skype, no MSN/Yahoo chat clients... RIM has promised software updates that will improve the tablet (and we're promised it will soon be running Android apps!) but when you consider how their track record, and how they've left previous devices like the BlackBerry Storm to rot when they haven't been hugely successful, I'm not holding my breath for the PlayBook.

The worst thing is they've aligned their prices with the iPad. I'd have thought if you're trying to overtake the market leader, you should not only improve on their product, but undercut the price. RIM are offering a less capable tablet than the iPad but demanding the same price for Apple's premium product - and it just isn't worth it. When the iPad3 comes out, I'll probably sell up and switch to Apple.
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This product is just Awesome for the money.

This tablet is great,the picture quality,the sound when you are playing music,and Internet is so cheap when using BlackBerry bridge.


Great best value tablet computer on the market with new apps by the minute.

I bought my first playbook on ebay 2 weeks ago and a second a week later (my 15 year old daughter having commandeered the first one!).Firstly ignore any reviews prior to February 2012 as the new OS2 (QNX) released then has transformed the playbook's performance. Even if you buy a second hand one as I did which has been "wiped", it will automatically update itself to OS2 as soon as you connect to the internet.The email app which is included is excellent. Simply enter your email address and password and it will automatically then set up the account -try doing that on Windows 7! Switch to standby and it will quietly beep and flash when an email comes in.Web browsing is excellent and stable,quick and plays flash which the ipad 3 won't do.E book readers are available free on the Apps store as is Winamp.Though the range of apps is still relatively small it is rapidly expanding as Android apps are converted to use on playbook under RIM's incentive scheme for developers. Video chat to other playbook users is excellent. The one killer app currently missing is Skype which will make it complete though apparently there are workarounds. The name Playbook is ill chosen as it is also a serious business tool too handling word excel and powerpoint presentations and allowing online access to home or work computers or dropbox like storage on the cloud. Most other apps I see on a friends ipad, particularly games are fairly useless and primitive and of no interest to me.The playbook also connects to the HDMI socket on your TV with a £3-50 lead- not the £30 lead I understand is required for an ipad.I find the 7" display size ideal for me as it makes the the playbook, even in a full case, easily pocketable,without the need for a manbag essential for users of its larger cousin.Overall I am thrilled to have the functionality of the playbook now available brand new at £169 compared to £329 for an ipad 2 or £399 for an ipad 3-great value for the money.Read full review...

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