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I remember when i first watched this film I became totally absorbed in it. I had to search out songs that I heard in the move.....I had to see other Vietnam movies again.....I had to watch other Stone movies. Its a superb film. Cruise gives the best peformance he ever will in a film as Kovic.....the golden boy who comes home paralysed and confused at the way his country is reacting to Vietnam. Some of the scenes in the film are very disturbing but the ones that affected me the deepest were not any battle scenes. When Ron comes home and looks at himself as a young boy in his wrestling kit was almost unbearable to watch. Also, the scene when he is drunk in the bar and comes out of his wheelchair had me turning away from the screen. This is a true epic film and the support cast and soundtrack are also superbRead full review...


I love it

best ever and could watch it over and over again thats how good it was so if you have not seen it you want to buy it i know i am going to get my mates to buy this dvd or at last watch it sometime


Born of the Fourth of July

Probably the best and certainly the most underrated Tom Cruise film ever made. This is a true story of an injured Vietnam veteran who upon return to the US is ignored, hated and neglected, until he finds his purpose in life to stand up to the authorities and fight for the rights of war veterans. Emotional and sprited performances throughout.Read full review...


Born On The Fourth Of July (DVD 2003)

Have watched and enjoyed this film before, so decided to buy myself a copy of it. I do like to collect films on DVD and generally buy from ebay to make my money go further. I consider Tom Cruise a good actor and his films good entertainment on the whole. This film is not necessarily classed as one of his classics as it addresses some fairly dark issues surrounding the Vietnam war, in particular and the negative aspects of life for a disabled war veteran in general. Disturbingly enjoyable, a departure from Cruises' usual hero role. If a movie for you requires no mental input, this one isn't for you. Watch it, think about what you have seen, then go out and appreciate the life you have!Read full review...

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