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Easy to set up100% agree

Good value100% agree

Good print quality100% agree


Almost professional printer.

Great printer. I own two at the monent. Just in case of ink -pad problems which can happen with age.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: ronlew671


happy when I found it, pleased when I installed it,delighted when I used it

If you want to reduce your printing cost to less than 1p per page get this EPSON PX720WD wireless multi function printer and convert it to a ciss (continuous Ink System) and save a fortune on your printing ink costs. Fed up with high ink costs, & the need to keep having to locate & install new cartridges . Even if your printer has separate colour cartridges every time you fit a new one most printers will self-clean and waste loads of ink from all of the cartridges . Throw in the need to fit it in a confined space , a front paper loading & front exit tray, fast top quality printing , scanning / copying , easy Ciss setup ..this ticks all the boxes. If you are unhappy about doing the Ciss conversion (& probably throwing away your warranty) Even if you continue to use standard cartridges this is still an excellent multi-function printer with comparatively low running costs. If however you are concerned about all the old cartridges going to landfill and the vast sums that you could be squandering the environmentally friendly ciss alternative is the icing on the cake..Not convinced go to your local cartridge supplier get the price of a set of 6 cartridges and multiply that by 80(Eighty)..thats how much more ink you get! And that is why I rate this printer as my best choice & one of easiest to carry out a ciss printer installation. So if you want really low cost quality prints get the Epson Stylus PX720WD Ciss version and get your costs per page to fractions of pence. Sorry can't tell you about the wireless bit but i'm sure it will work fine just haven't got good signal where this printer is forced to live!
It was
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Great Printer

Using Microsoft Windows 7 64bit Version.

Ok first, The delivery was amazing. Speedy or what, they got it to me just 2 days after dispatch.
Now i haven't been able to rate all its functions yet but here are some of the things i liked about this printer.

-Easy setup, instructions made it a breeze (however a bit long winded)
-Great picture quality especial on the Epson Premium Photo Paper
-Easily adjustable paper tray settings, also paper tray is tucked underneath without a big feeder sticking out
-CD printing tray also tucked inside, it pops out! like a tongue! from just above where the prints emerge
-Touch screen very intuitive and easy to navigate
-Ink cartridges easily accessible and installable
-A lot quieter than expected
-Brilliant software accompaniment, ABBYY FineReader is one of the funnest and useful softwares I've ever seen. It allows you to scan text (from almost anywhere,e.g. photos books etc.) and it converts it to text in your desired format. (includes Word, Excel, PDF, .rtf, .txt and more)

Now for the two bad points that i found.

-Toooo much packaging, i understand its better to be safe than sorry but there are so many pits of tape its unreal. I was afraid to turn the thing on encase i had missed one and it broke the printer! however after careful observation i finally found them all and removed them. (good thing they are blue and clearly visible, would hate to think how hard it would have been if they were clear strips)

-Easily set up through Ethernet cable however, and this might just be me, when i came to using the machine wirelessly it all worked fine apart from the scanner. The problem was the machine could see the computer but the computer couldn't connect to the scanner. After about an hour of trouble shooting and Googling i decided to try the Epson website. GOLDEN! the website was easy enough to navigate and found what i was looking for in less than 5 minutes.(just wish I'd thought to go there sooner)


For anyone encountering this problem, this is the fix.

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Top print quality and build and compatible with a CISS.

I bought this printer for 2 reasons, firstly the Epson quality and secondly because of the CISS system that was sold with it. I wanted a all-in-one printer that could produce photo quality prints and wouldn't cost the earth to run. This I am pleased to say does it all.

Setting it up was relatively easy, and the software installation took about 15 minutes. The printer has a lot of features, many of which I won't use, but its there if I ever need it. It scans very well, and the print outs are very quick. Finally the Epson software supplied is actually quite good making it very easy to use.
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epson px series

epson px series is a good printer , i find it better than the new xp series as has automatic cd tray and holds more ink , faster start up and faster changing ink cartridges without all the print head messing about back and fourth like the xp series , printed 5 a4 photos before the xp series even started printing , its got all the same features of newer printers .Read full review...


Super quality all in one printer

All seems well after a couple of weeks, prints excellent quality photo's and is nice and easy to use! Only slight drawback is the size of it.


Best Epson printer I have used.

This is the best Epson printer I have bought. Easy to use and much faster than the DX4450. Excellent quality pictures.


Awesome product , Great value for money.

Best printer, so far. can print CDs photos, photocopy etc.

Quick printing, wireless very easy to configure.

Features 4 star because this printer does not support native Google cloud printing, But Google cloud print is limited to Google docs and apps etc. So that is not a big minus point.Read full review...


Recommend for those who want a good general all-round printer.

Excellent printer, easy to set up. Great print quality and good speed even for colour A4prints. Some good features form the software e.g. photo printing. A nice wee touch if you have children to create colouring in sheets from photographs. Wireless connection acn sometimes be bit hit & miss, largely depends where you are send the print from.Read full review...


Does everything I need of a printer

Does everything I need of a printer.Easy to set up, prints excellent photos, even does back to back. Can operate from memeory card without PC support and even lets you select areas of your photo for printing. Also allows multi photo page direct from card.
My only complaint is it can't handle 250 gm photo paper even when setup turns "thick paper" on.
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