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Would recommend100% agree

Good value100% agree

Good quality100% agree


I wouldn't be without them.

The Linksys was the answer to all my wireless problems, I ended up buying three of them off eBay as my house is very spread out. The seller was kind enough to programme them for me so that I can walk around the house and the Linksys units seamlessly change from one to another. It is a very cost effective way of ensuring full internet/email coverage in asprawling property.Read full review...


Good product with loads of features

Bought this to get Sky+ Anytime without having to run a cable from my computer room to the TV. Got a mate to set-up this facility as I'm not that technically minded but it works perfectly.


Good for dd-wrt software

Bought to use dd-wrt software on recomended by you tube as a good machine for this purpose so it could be used as a wireless repeater from my main router


Work perfect as a bridge with TV, Skybox and bluray player.

Great little thing if you want to make wireless connection between two places in your house. It's easy to make it working as a 4-ports bridge, using perfect instrution from i.e. http://www.maximumpc.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=114319 .
It's pointless to buy 1-port wifi adapter from Sky (60 pounds!), you can have 4-ports bridge for 12 pounds. Of course you need a bit of experience in network configuration.
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Superb product for a variety of uses.

A very robust rooter, versitile and easy to use. Can be flashed with custom rom to provide even more services. Highly recommend.


DD-WRT Linksys!

Great router, maybe not N but still serves you well.. Install the firmware DD-WRT. Then a whole new world is at you finger tips. Just google it!...


Why these are better than new.

The thing about "vanilla" out-of-the-box modems/routers is that nearly all manufacturers use some flavour of linux O/S inside ** BUT ** then lock out the customer. It's like buying a car and being told you can't open the hood. Sure, many people do not want to 'tinker' under the hood. But, what about those of us who either want to do it ourselves, or are lucky enough to have friends who have a mechanical/technical bent?
DD-WRT is an **OPEN** (read 'can be tinkered with') O/S that is designed to allow one to add/tweak new features.
Many of the most common uses one might want to put the router to - have been programmed and are available to 'just plug in'.
If you are incredibly technical and you **KNOW** that you will NEVER imagine a new feature you want in your modem/router - then fine! - buy a Locked, proprietary modem.
If your mind is a little bit more open and you think that 'maybe, one day, I just might'..... then DD-WRT modem/routers what you should choose.
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Linksys WRT54GS Wireless Router

I bought this router to extend the ethernet on my Orange Livebox. The Orange Livebox is so secure that you can't even stay connected when you have the passwords for the security.
My solution was to turn off the Livebox wifi facility and use this router as the wireless function...job done and I can get everything to connect to the internet via wifi without having to bother with the troublesome Livebox.
All I had to do was to change the IP address of the Linksys to, set up teh wireless security to my settings and we are away.
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Fantastic Little DD-WRT Router !


Bought this device as it's supported with DD-WRT firmware, Be it only a 2MB flash chip, so do be aware you can't flash the full size DD-WRT image on this V7 model, so it's the micro with slightly less features *not that you will notice*, so still really an old WRT54GL with a 4MB/8MB flash chip would be better if i needed the extra features.

Works great even without the DD-WRT firmware, Signal Strength and reliably is good all round and the range reaches all corners of the house, with the DD-WRT firmware you can even increase the transmitting power so it will reach a little bit further.

The Next router up for me really is the Cisco/Linksys E2000 or E3000 with it's gigabit Ethernet over the 10/100 on this model and also for the wireless N, But with this model you can swap the removable antennas with some larger 19DB gain antennas for even more range, I needed this router for wireless so the range was a much more needed feature over wireless N and gigabit LAN. *one day*

So all round a great router for its age "2007" And at a cost to me of £8 with + £5 shipping at the time of writing this review, It's a brilliant step forward to flash with the DD-WRT firmware and gain some enterprise style control over your LAN/WAN that would EASILY cost you £50/100+ for the same style enterprise router.
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not verry reliable

i took ages to setp as i got no conection then it decided to pack up then i got a new one thay just dont want to conect to the internet. it coes on it for a bout a day but then it just disconects it selfRead full review...

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