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Good value100% agree

Long battery life100% agree

Compact100% agree


A good competitor for the blackberry

As a bloke i wanted a smart phone which was not blackberry and i have never been a fan of touchscreens, therefore Nokia seemed to be the only alternate option, due to being renown for good quality of build and technology.
The Nokia E5 is no let down, it looks stylish and has the power to go with it outstripping the blackberry curve easily, the screen is light sensitive and dulls and lights up to save power and has a reasonable resolution, enough to make people go WOW but not apple standard.
The keyboard does take some getting used to so dont expect instant results however it is easy to use with the raised up keys.
The only disappointment i have is the speaker which is very tinny, but for a phone it is acceptable.
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Nokia E5 in my opinion

The best phone I have ever had. Simple to use, easy to navigate and, for my needs, has all the on-board features I want. For calls and texts and the rarely used internet requirements, I reluctantly moved from this to an iPhone 4S but I still keep my E5 with me as an mp3 player and voice recorder. As a musician and composer, I use the on-board recorder to record band rehearsals and musical ideas as they occur. It takes up to a 16GB Class 4 micro SD memory card to increase the storage capacity so I carry my music with me. The 5 megapixel camera produces decent enough images (although personally, I use my iPhone for that) The QWERTY keyboard is clear and simple to use. I also use the on-board radio a lot. You get the choice of on-line radio stations and FM. The battery lasts for ever too. Especially now as I only power my E5 up whenever I need it, a single charge has lasted for weeks. It's great value for money and I would totally recommend it.Read full review...

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Nokia E5 mobile - a great mobile with so much to offer for the money!

There are many mobiles on sale today which offer a dazzling variety of functions, one that offers Blackberry like features for a reasonable price has to be the Nokia E5 series phone.

The big selling points for me are the qwerty keypad which is easy to use, the function buttons above the keyboard allow you to delve into the menus and icons to aid your productivity, the camera is good at 5 mega pixels and the phone has internet access.

The instruction manual tends to assume you know all about mobiles which can be a bit confusing for those new to this type of smartphone at least, but I found some great videos on Youtube showing how to use the phone which got me started and more familiar with the workings of it, and once you get the basics understood, the manual is easier to understand.

With WIFI connectivity, it means you can get on line cheaply with the phone, with a datacard inside you can also store pictures and media on that so you also have your own 'photo album' on the move as well as Jukebox.

Who would have thought when the first mobiles came out in the 80's that you could have all this functionality at a relatively cheap price?? The E5 has quad band pickup so it was an improvement on a Samsung I had that didn't work in a rural area I live in.

I was looking mainly for a phone that was handy for texting and the qwerty keypad has made this easy to acheive, also for those on the move, there is a notepad function in the office menu which is great for those quick memos and also voice and video recording.

I looked at similar phones like a Samsung and an earlier E series Nokia but decided to go for this one. Certainly reviews were good and one person said they had bought one for an elderly relative as the text function is easy to use which was their main requirement.

There are a number of applications you can get on the phone including Maps and GPS, my phone is on O2 network, my earlier phone was on O2 and the SIm card works fine in it. There is also an App store to you can add to the phone from.

The phone is also nicely designed, nice to handle and the right size without being too big, the keypad is small but even with my big fingers I can use it ok!

I would recommend buying a protective case for the phone if you get one, a worthwhile investment. I don't think there is anything I don't like about the phone at all.

If offers value for money, functionality, nice design, so that is plenty for me.
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easy to use great features like a pc

this is a great phone comes with all right features what you want with a nokia phone it is a blackberry alternate but very easy to use


Easy To Use

Excellent phone easy to use. This is my 2nd Nokia E5 excellent phone to have if you dont want a Blackberry/


I would buy another one

This is a great product it is a very good phone for the price
with realy great features excellent feal and responce good 5mp camera.
Overall, an excellent smart phone for the price


Highly recommended smart phone at a great price!

I am very pleased with my new nokia e5. Pros: It's very user-friendly and allows easy access to the internet. Very simple to connect to wifi. Excellent sound, video and camera. Impressed with camera option of a panoramic snap-shot by taking multiple photos and having them processed into one single shot! Cons: A problem I had with this phone was its Bluetooth function. I was unable to send images/videos/sound files to other devices via bluetooth (although I am sure my problem will be resolved by a quick visit to a repairs shop). I strangely had no problem receiving files from other devices via bluetooth!

Another thing I did not like was that the phone came with no pre-installed games. Games have to be downloaded off the internet.
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Great product, amazing value for money.

After playing around with the Nokia E5 I can honestly say its the best phone ive ever gotten. It meets all of my needs and the full QWERTY keyboard makes typing messages a breeze. I like the apps that are already on the phone, the ones I use the most are Facebook and Twitter. This phone works very fast and can be suited to ANYONE. It has a very low price for what it does which makes it great value for money. I highly recommend this phone.Read full review...


very good

Excellent mobile phone. Good service, satisfied with everything. Can advice this mobile for every body.


brilliant phone well impressed

it was a gift for my wife and shes well impressed with it and all its features she says its better than a blackberry and much simpler to use fantastic purchase

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