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The sexiest pieces of hardware we've played NOKIA E7

The 4-inch ClearBlack AMOLED touchscreen is bright and beautiful, even in direct sunlight. Colors are vivid, and contrast and viewing angles are excellent, as you'd expect from this type of display.The E7 is equipped with an 8 megapixel EDoF (Extended Depth of Field) camera and dual-LED flash. In typical Nokia fashion the optics and sensor are top notch. This, together with superior image processing results in beautiful shots.After spending several weeks with the Nokia E7, there's absolutely no doubt that the it's one of the sexiest pieces of hardware we've played with in recent months.

Make one thing abundantly clear: black or silver, the Nokia E7 is one gorgeous piece of hardware. It might not have the proportions of the Dieter Rams-inspired iPhone 4, but it has a handsome and refined phone that can definitely compete in terms of materials and build quality. The E7 design language mimics its N8 sibling, and consists of a flattened aluminum cylinder that features a 4-inch glass-capacitive touchscreen on one side, a glass window protecting the 8 megapixel camera and dual-LED flash on the other side, and tapered plastic covers hiding antennas and connectors at each end. From the front the E7 looks like a larger N8, but in order to accommodate the physical keyboard, the body is sliced longitudinally into two sections. The thinner houses the tilt-out display and the menu key (centered below the touchscreen), the other "half" contains the keyboard, the camera, and most of the electronics. Without a camera pod sticking out the back, the E7 ends up being thinner than the N8 overall.

The E7 feels hefty in a reassuring, confidence-inspiring way -- as a point of reference, its almost the same weight and size as the HTC Thunderbolt, but about 6 mm (1/4-inch) narrower. Fit and finish are impeccable, and so is the attention to detail: there's a machined and polished bevel surrounding the camera window in the back of the E7 and lining the edge of every control on the aluminum body. The top cap contains a 3.5 mm headphone jack, the power / profile key, a mini-HDMI port (behind a plastic door), and a micro-USB connector with a charge indicator. At the opposite end, the bottom cap hosts a microphone and a single speaker. We found a few niggles here. While the headphone jack supports stereo accessories (3-pin) without any problems, it electrically incompatible with most non-Nokia headsets (4-pin). The speaker is very loud and clear but is positioned such that it becomes muffled slightly as soon as the phone is placed face-up on any flat surface.

On top of the E7 is a MicroUSB port, HDMI port, the power button and a 3.5mm jack input. The battery, like on the Nokia N8, is non-removable so users now have to slot the SIM card into a little iPhone-esque pop-out tray that’s located on the right-hand side of the device. A bit further down the right side is the device’s dedicated camera button, which activates the camera with a single press.

We like the Nokia N8. it has features aplenty and lots of cool connectivity and storage, as well as a 12-megapixel camera. With the Nokia E7, it’s a similar ‘spec-tacular’ story with its 16:9 nHD 640 x 360 pixels AMOLED display, Symbian^3 OS, slide-out Qwerty keyboard and an 8-megapixel snapper.

After spending several weeks with the Nokia E7, there's absolutely no doubt that the it's one of the sexiest pieces of hardware we've played with in recent months.
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The Phone that cannot be beat, HD everything, speed and untouchable style..

This phone has a "man's" weight to it. If you want to compare styles, this phone wins hands down. If you like touchscreen this is at the top of the game, equally if you like to feel the keys instead of an invisible keyboard feel on the screen, this is for you. The slide out qwerty keyboard does it for me, you feel more in control of the phone. It has a bigger screen than the iphone 4 and when you watch films, play games etc, it looks and feels amazing at an impressive pixel resolution of 360x 640, allowing up to 16 million colours to be displayed. The screen is 4inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. This makes the E7 an ideal smartphone for viewing photos and videos as well as web pages, and also makes it a great gaming phone. Also, the touchscreen technology makes for an interactive and enjoyable means of navigating the Symbian 3 user interface. The presence of a 680 MHz processor makes using the screen intuitive, with very little lag and great response times.
Browsing the internet is fast, I can go on and on. Gaming is great, social networking is made easy, email, so many things I can say.
Even though it boasts a 16GB memory storage, the only drawback which the phone has is inability to extend memory as it does not supported micro SD extra storage. But you can expand via usb to an external hard drive.
I rate this phone at the top of the phone market because other than the un-expandable memory, it's speed, it's style, being able to use microsoft office documents, High Def picture, HD games, 8meg pixels camera, HD direct connection to tv, etc... far outweigh anything I've seen in other phones - yes even the iPhone 4 which I have.
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The Nokia E7 is without doubt the best mobile phone I have ever owned.

I mostly use a mobile phone for calling and texting. I have a camera for taking photographs and an ipod for playing music. This phone is perfect for these two primary functions. I am a man with big fingers and the large qwerty push button keyboard is ideal. My last phone was the nokia express music, so I am familiar with the symbian operating system. Apparently this is the last phone nokia will release with this system as they are switching to windows. Personally I find the symbian system easier to navigate and less complicated.

The phone feels extremely well made and the large display means I can read the display without having to put my reading glasses on. My son and daughter both have an iphone4 and I took the opportunity to have a good look at them prior to buying the nokia. The nokia is far superior in build quality, is easier to use and customise. It also has the larger screen.
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best smartphone from nokia

I am a nokia fan.....latest all smart handset from nokia I used.
nokia last smartphone n900 was great too but low battery life & bulky size made it difficult to use.but nokia e7 is fantastic, its thin design , good battery life makes it a excellent of the best from nokia. i love it because touchpad is awesome..ease of & hdmi facility made it one of the unique...things I think nokia can improve is more features on the mobile.but if u are a nokia lover then most recommended.Read full review...


could be daily driver or spare. very good phone.

excellent phone, could be faster as proccesor goes, but otherwise very good phone and i think way better as other todays smarphones.



It is impossible to do anything on this phone it's not very good at all I'm sorry to say it was for my son's birthday and he is very Un happy with it . It is still inot it's box 😢.

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was looking for a nice little unit with keyboard but this is very flimsy.

flimsy. poor design for getting keyboard out if you have short nails you can spend ages trying to open it up.

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Fantastico. Consigliatissimo!!! Nessun problema ne comprerei altri

Il telefono è praticamente nuovo.
L'unica pecca potrebbero essere le sole 3 lingue disponibili. Ma se dobbiamo guardare l'estetica e la funzionalità è perfetto. Tempi di attesa brevissimi. Consiglio l'acquisto.Read full review...


Almost idiot proof and reliable and just a darn right part of my life now!!

This is my second E7. I just love the battery life and its ease of use. I have been offered other smart phone including the ubiquitous iphone and for me none of them have the substantial but smooth feel that the E7 has in your hand.
The battery has a good reserve, the down side being that it is not easily removeable or replaced by the average user.
This is so easy to use even my wife can work it!!!!
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Like it a lot

Nice phone, without many apps... nice camera, love that the keyboard slides because i don't like very much to write in touch screen

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