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Jurassic Park meets George Romero!

When it comes to Dino Crisis games, seriously forget any apart from the first two. However, the original 2 are fantastic games. If you like old school survival horror like resident evil or silent hill, you should love these. The two games feature clever enemies (the raptors will chase you into the next room if they are able!), fantastic settings (dino crisis 2 is set in a part prehistoric jungle with ruins of a high tech facility, kind of like jurassic park 3's look) and has quite challenging gameplay. However, be warned these games aer not anywhere near as scary as resi or silent hill so don't expect a really good cerebral frightfest.Read full review...


Good value, fast delivery and a great game

Really good value, I've had it for about a month now and have had no problems with the game :) I got the game because I was reminiscing about my childhood and decided to treat myself.


one to get, one to keep

this was one of my 1st pokemon games ever and I will always love it. colours and the style are great. the pokemon in the game are some of the best I have seen.


Great game. Childhood relived.

For all Pokemon Fans! Brilliant story line which is a little different from all other pokemon games and throws you around the whole world. Plus you get a Rayquaza!!!


Good adventure game

This game was bought for my teenage son, not a great speaker but he this is what he had to say to say about it "he game is an adventure type game, it starts off slow but increases speed as the game progresses. "Read full review...


Great product, buy this one out of the three

Great game, and like many other comments say, it combines both the other two games, and adds more besides. There's a massive and challenging after-game (The Battle Frontier) and a whole new storyline, as well as allowing you to catch all the legendaries in just one game.Read full review...


Frikkin' schweeeeet!

Great for any Pokemon ran as it's a combination of Ruby and Sapphire with a new story in which the legendary Pokemon from the previous games clash. Not only that but this is easily one of the best GameBoy Advance games ever with tons of replayability whether it's EV training to be the best in your area, collecting all the Pokemon ribbons, catch all 386 Pokemon(some are event exclusives) or a fun journey to go on whilst on the train or in bed.

It's hard to find any faults with this game. It can be enjoyed by all ages and well worth playing one of the best handheld games ever created.
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Most excellent.

very good .top class, very happy.I would highly recommend this fantastic product once again i cannot stress how brilliant this product is.


good value for money

for and old game it is surprisingly good my grandson loves it Glad i found it for him he had lost hie original copy


Great classic game.

I bought this product to have a different version on the game and see what it's like. It has alot of different features to the other games and is just great overall, there is nothing I dislike about the product. Compared to the others I would say this is one of the top 3 pokemon games.Read full review...

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