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Zepad 10 IPad 8

For once using laptop and not Zepad. Since I got my Zepad I have hardly used my laptop. The Zepad is smooth comfartable to use beautifully portable works all round my flat on wifi. Yes some apps not to Android 4 yet but the ones I use the most appear compatible (ie not had any problems so far). My daughter has an IPad2 so I know the differences and to be honest for the price this is absolutely the better value and so very close in quality. To be honest (yes I know I am, biased to Android) I'd rather be using this to the IPad. Battery life is the best out my Android devices yet !!!!!Read full review...


A very creditable budget tablet

After spending days reviewing non-Apple tablets, I settled on this as being, I hoped, one up on the white box "Flypads" which have reviews ranging from Rave to Rubbish! Having had it for two days now I am very pleased with it. I am new to Android, though have plenty of Win and Linux experience, so getting to understand how the OS works is a learning curve.
The screen is very clear, the touch is not always accurate, but I have a stylus on order. Have downloaded several Apps, but as this is Android 4, some I want are not yet available. It is possible to load Android 2.3.4 if there are essential apps that you want.
WiFi works well - no drop outs at all and reasonable signal strength away from the router - as good as our Dell laptop.
Haven't tried the LAN connection and I wont be buying a 3G dongle.
All told I am very pleased with my purchase.
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Outstanding value credible lower-spec ipad alternative

Out-of the box impression is that this is a quality product. Neat and stylish, it feels solidly made. Screen is bright and clear, and the capacitive touch ( older models were resitive) is smooth and responsive. Features are basic but adequate. Android market access allows you to configure your apps however you please. Controls are necessrily small and a bit fiddly, but shouldnt be a problem. No 3g at this price point but a usb dongle can be used. In-built wifi seems to work fine. Unable to comment yet on battery life or reliability but for features, appearance and performance this is outstanding value with few apparent compromisesRead full review...


Great value tablet!!!

This is a great tablet. After much research I opted for this one for value. It does everything it says on the tin.

Iplayer works great! Games fantastic! Browsing good. Fast and reliable and for me, battery life great,
absolutely great value, a bargain.

Lacks GPS and Bluetooth, neither of which of great concern to me and 3G dongles out there which will make up for lack of 3G.

Running Honeycome at the moment but will be upgrading to Icecrean sandwich as soon as flash player fixed.
Beware of nasty fakes though. Zenithink have made fantastic job with this. Dedicated forum too on Slatedroid.

Highly recommended!!
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great tablet for the money fast and very user friendly

I bought this when i had to send back not one but two viewsonic 9.7ins tablets 1kept freezing on me and the other just wouldnt charge past 10% i bought the zenithink epad 10.2 and i love it it has google play so you can get free games ect its a good size fast easy to use if you like tablets its a great choice for a budget tablet only thing is the weight is a little on the heavy side but im glad i bought itRead full review...


Best option for 200$ tablet. Otherwise ACER A500 for ~450$

First of all, the value-for-money is excellent. In my opinion, this tablet is the best option for a 200$ tablet.

Quality of material: satisfactory, solid tablet with plastics of good quality and smooth sense of touching. Of course, do not expect gorilla glass for the screen, etc. Even 500$ tablets do not have gorilla glass.

Speed: satisfactory. Excellent for browsing, watching HD video (offline or on web). I have not encountered any problems with applications not running (office suites, photo-editing, remote desktop, games, video, music, ...) Moreover, if an auto-boost app is installed, the performance improves.

Screen resolution: Pretty good. You enjoy watching HD videos.
Touch feeling: Very good. Sometimes, when browsing, someone may experience a 0.5 sec delay for response, but I assume it is because of the internet connectivity (see below).

Connectivity: it supports WiFi connectivity. However, the signal reception is quite poor, compared to other devices. Distances of more than 6 meters form the Access point are prohibitive.
Battery life: very good. Approximately 4-5 hours of continuous activity with WiFi on and brightness at 70%.

Camera: not good. Low resolution and fps.
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Great product for the price.

I find it a little heavy in use,but really satisfied with all it does.One disappointment is being unable to use the video on Skype as there is no way to connect to video.Sound is first class.


overall great value for money, fantastic features.

Great tablet, good design. The keyboard case does not fit the tablet very well, the tablet is a tad shorter than the case so the clips dont fit snuggly - thus is prone to fall out of case if being transported.
Great value for money, good tablet. Drops wifi signal; frequently though.
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Fantastic value for money - will buy again

Very easy to use, the screen is very responsive - provided you don't rush things. The screen is a lot better than a resistive one. Plenty of apps to download, and easy to install.
I was initially disappointed that bluetooth was not included, but bought a mini bluetooth dongle from the £ shop and it works fine.

I have no problem recommending this to anyone. It is an excellent alternative to the ipad. In fact in some ways it is better than the ipad.

The one downside - the daughters now want one!!
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low cost and not a bad choice. Battery lasts for 2-4 h with full use.

low cost and not a bad choice. Battery lasts for 2-4 h with full use. low cost and not a bad choice. Battery lasts for 2-4 h with full use. low cost and not a bad choice. Battery lasts for 2-4 h with full use. low cost and not a bad choice. Battery lasts for 2-4 h with full use. low cost and not a bad choice. Battery lasts for 2-4 h with full use. low cost and not a bad choice. Battery lasts for 2-4 h with full use. low cost and not a bad choice. Battery lasts for 2-4 h with full use.Read full review...

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