1:12 Diecast Vehicles Parts & Accessories

1:12 Diecast Vehicles

Miniature vehicles have long been highly collectable items, be they well known and iconic real life cars in miniature form, motorbikes or construction vehicles. 1:12 diecast vehicles make for fantastic and durable toys, or even highly detailed collectable pieces.


Diecast toys are toys that have been manufactured by pouring molten metal into a mold. They can include plastic, rubber or glass pieces. It is a process of toy making that has gone on for decades, which adds to the collectable value of diecast toys.

Types of vehicle

The 1:12 scale is popular in toy making, particularly with dolls houses and toy cars. Diecast vehicles extends to every facet of the transport industry. Most popular are the racing cars throughout time and the sleek sports cars that most of us can only dream of owning in real life; Aston Martins, Ferraris and Porsche to name a few.

Motorbikes and dirtbikes are popular too, particularly amongst the real life motorcycle enthusiasts. The sporty looking designs are captured in intricate details in a 1:12 scale. These make great ornamental pieces, especially when shown off in a nice display case. Yamaha and Honda sports bikes are particularly sought after.

Public transport vehicles, particularly historic models are much loved pieces, such as old London buses. Agriculture vehicles make up a huge subdivision in the diecast vehicles market. Tractors from various companies and ages have been immortalised in toy form, excellent for displaying as ornamental pieces.

Planes, both military and passenger are available in the 1:12 scale. Modern jets and old iconic fighters can be found, particularly with the range of WWII legends diecast planes. All have immaculate detailing right down to the paint.

Whether you are an avid collector or you want to treat a child to a new toy, a diecast vehicle is sturdy and robust and will last a long time.