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Enhance Your Home Theatre Setup With a 3-Way HDMI Splitter

If you’d like to run an HDMI cable to multiple devices, such as a television, projector, and computer monitor, then a 1x3 HDMI splitter may be just what you need. HDMI splitters let you deliver raw video and digital audio without any loss of quality. Better yet, you’ll find all of the new and pre-owned splitters and accessories you need at affordable prices right here at eBay.

Do HDMI splitters result in loss of quality?

No. Neither the digital video nor the digital audio signal will degrade simply through the process of being split. However, it’s advisable to ensure that the splitter you choose supports a level of quality that is at or exceeds your source and/or displays. Three important characteristics to note are the resolution, colour depth, and refresh rate. Resolution is the maximum pixel dimensions of the signal. Colour depth—also known as bit depth—indicates how sophisticated the colour data can be, and refresh rate indicates the speed at which data is transmitted. If you have a 1080p source and television, for instance, but choose a splitter that only supports a 720p resolution, then your viewing experience will be limited to 720p.

How is a 3-way splitter typically configured?

Typically, you’ll run an HDMI cable from the source, such as a set-top box or Blu-ray player, to the 3-way splitter box. Then, you’ll run an HDMI cable from each HDMI out on the splitter box to a television, projector, computer monitor, and so forth. Using a cable splitter is similar, but it eliminates the need to run an HDMI cable from the source since the splitter itself serves as that cable. Therefore, for a basic setup, you’ll need:

  • A 3-way splitter cable or box
  • 2-4 HDMI cables
  • An HDMI-compliant output device
  • 2-3 HDMI-compliant input devices
What is a 3-way HDMI splitter?

An HDMI splitter lets you connect one source with an HDMI output to three devices that each have an HDMI input. A 3-way HDMI splitter is also known as a 3-port HDMI splitter, 1x3 HDMI splitter, and 1-in-3-out HDMI splitter. There are two main types of 3-way splitters: cable and box. A 3-way cable splitter is similar to a standard HDMI cable but has three female HDMI connections at one end. Boxes tend to require an external power source and offer more features, which can include support for:

  • 1080p, 4K, and 8K resolutions
  • DVI and DisplayPort as well as HDMI
  • Shielding to reduce signal interference
  • Signal boosting for longer cable distances
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