1:50 Diecast Vehicles

If you're looking for diecast toy vehicles then there are plenty of choices available. They are a very popular toy for young children to play with as well as with toy collectors. The range of 1:50 diecast vehicles available sports a variety of different vehicle types including trucks, tractors and cars.

Diecasting method

A diecast toys , also seen as a collectible model, are made using a diecasting method. This method involves the toys being made from a combination of mostly metal but featuring details of plastic, rubber and glass. They are made by molten metal being put into a mould under high pressure, which creates the shape and structure of the vehicle. This method of toy making was first used in the 1830's and is still very popular to this day.

Almost every car, from the flashy and iconic, to the everyday vehicle has been immortalised in diecast form. The intricate details and bright colours make these excellent toys for children, or ornaments for car enthusiasts.

1:50 scale

The 1:50 refers to the scale and size that the vehicles are made to. It is the most popular and common scale used for diecast models including toy trucks, buses and construction vehicles.


A number of brands have manufactured and sold their own range of 1:50 scale diecast vehicles that are bought and used by people all around the world. Brands include Meccano, Lesney, Hot Wheels , Tekno, Corgi, Volvo and Eddie Stobart. Many manufacturers of real vehicles such as Volvo and Corgi used to sell these small models as a promotional item to their prospective customers. However they are now popular in their own right with collectors and children.


Among the most popular vehicles that come in the 1:50 scale using the diecasting method are trucks. The trucks come in a variety of different models, types and colours. Trucks can vary in terms of the accessories and styles. For example, some have a trailer when others don't. They do come with all the essential parts that a real life truck has including mirrors, wheels and windows.

When choosing a particular truck it is important to know which model and make you're purchasing, especially if you are buying for a collector, or already have an extensive collection and do not wish to obtain duplicates. Vans, diggers and cranes are also popular choices.

There is a large variety of 1:50 scale diecast vehicles available that vary in type of vehicle from lorries of all different types and colours to a London ambulance and a truck low loader. Many of the vehicles come in a see through gift box which doubles as a display box that is perfect for collectors or when giving as a gift.