A Buying Guide to 1.6V DC Adapters

Devices and electronics provide you with great convenience each day and you come to depend on them, making it important to keep them and their power supplies in good shape. When an adapter goes bad, gets lost, or you need another for travel, eBay is a great place to find the replacement or travel adapter you need. When you shop at eBay, its easy-to-use search allows you to find exactly what you need fast and at the right prices.

What are the differences between AC and DC adapters?

When it's time to buy an adapter, either as a replacement or for travel purposes, keep in mind that there are two types available: AC and DC. They look a lot alike, but they are quite different.

  • AC adapters:Alternating current (AC) is an electric current that reverses its direction in a circuit repeatedly and consistently. The current AC handles changes over from positive to negative at regular intervals, which are measured in hertz (Hz). They are rated for maximum power output in watts.
  • DC adapters:Direct current (DC) is an electric current that only flows in one direction. The current never deviates from the direction, nor does it change in frequency or polarity. DC adapters convert AC into DC electricity. They are also rated for maximum power output in watts.
  • Knowing the difference:To avoid any damage if the wrong type of adapter is used, it's vital to know the difference between the two. With AC adapters, a 6V DC adapter lists the electrical current and voltage settings it's converting from first (6V AC, for example). Appearing below the "from" voltage, the voltage the AC adapter is converting should appear (6V AC). DC adapters also list the electrical current and voltage settings it's converting from listed first. The voltage the DC adapter is converting to will appear as "DC" (6V DC) or will feature a symbol that has dashed lines beneath a solid line.
How do you select the right adapter for your device?

Make the search for your new adapter easier using the following tips:

  • Check the device - Is there a specific adapter needed that's available? If so, problem solved. If not, determine what the device needs to operate. Look for the specifications label that indicates voltage (V) or amps (mAh/A).
  • Correct specifications - The desired adapter needs to match the voltage of your device and equal or exceed the device's mAh. The jack of the adapter must fit the device and have the correct polarity.
  • Volts (V) - Always check the output. The volts appear on the specifications sticker appearing as V, VAC, or VCD. The voltage needs to match the needs of your device.
  • Amps (A) - Current is the amount of power the device needs to operate. The amount appears in the specification label as A or mAh output. The correct adapter needs to at least match the current rating for the device. If it exceeds the amount needed by the device, that's OK. The device will only use what it needs.
  • Plug - If you still have the old adapter or know what size plug you need, you'll save time. eBay carries adapters if you need to convert an adapter's plug to fit your device.
What is a universal adapter?

If you're unable to find an adapter to exactly meet the needs of your device, using the universal adapters available at eBay may be a quick and easy solution. Many of them are customisable.