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100% Down Bed Pillows

100% down bed pillows are the lightest and softest pillows that you can rest your head on. They are long lasting, easy to shape and are perfect for a good night's sleep.

Different types of 100% down bed pillows

Most types of 100% down bed pillows are filled with 100% natural down from either ducks or geese. This produces a soft and smooth pillow with no lumps or bumps. The pillow casing is usually made from high quality jacquard, cotton sateen or Egyptian cotton.

Some 100% down pillows are classed as 'mix' pillows . These pillows are filled with a combination of goose and duck feathers, which may be 85% goose and 15% down mix. The cover is made from lightweight, breathable cotton.

Five star hotel quality 100% down pillows are top of the range. The standard that you would expect to find on the bed of a luxury hotel can be yours to enjoy every night. The luxurious goose down pillows are supplied in packs of two, four, six or eight pillows so that the whole family can sleep tight.

Continental style square 100% down pillows are also available. This size is typically used for pillows that dress the bed .

The benefits of 100% down bed pillows

The softest under-feathers that ducks and geese use for insulation are known as 'down'. The quills of these feathers are much thinner and more pliable than other feathers. A pillow casing that is filled with these feathers is light and ultra soft.

Most types of 100% down bed pillows are typically filled with down sourced from birds that live in Scandinavia, Hungary and Siberia. Because the climate in these countries tends to colder than in other places, geese and ducks will have softer and thicker down. Choose hotel quality 100% down pillows to experience the difference.

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