A 12 Port Gigabit Switch Stabilises your Network

To improve file sharing speeds between your computers, and create more stable connections in your home or small business, use a 12 port gigabit switch. Managing traffic between multiple computers in your home network is easy with the solutions on eBay, while using 12 ports helps to expand the capacity of your network.

Can a 12 port gigabit switch secure wired and wireless devices?

A 12 port gigabit switch from eBay can streamline your network by merging your wired and wireless devices, and it provides security for both types of devices. The security is natively built inside the switch, along with application visibility. Many switches in the residential sector are unmanaged, but eBay has several options which give you all the benefits of managed 12-port switches.

Does a 12 port gigabit switch support Universal Power Over Ethernet?

Several of the 12 port switches on eBay support Universal Power Over Ethernet, making it simple to double the power in each port to 60 watts. A 12 port POE switch will extend resilient network power easily to a range of devices in your network, including your virtual desktop terminals and IP turrets. It also sends power to compact switches, and your building management gateways. You gain the following advantages by using a 12 port POE switch:

  • Since some switches use all four pairs of Ethernet cabling, the ability to source power improves.
  • The capital expenditures for businesses are reduced since wall circuits for endpoints are eliminated.
  • Productivity is improved by reducing deployment time.
Can a 12 port POE switch help to improve local network speeds?

Switches are designed to speedily pass traffic through without much interference, and when you use a gigabit switch along with a gigabit router, it lets you improve your local network speeds. Some speed up your local network as much as ten times, but if the router is not gigabit, your whole network will have a maximum of 10/100 speeds. If you are getting a 12 port gigabit switch in order to speed up your local network, check that every component, including your laptops, is gigabit compliant. This will increase speeds between your desktops and other devices on your network so that you can transfer large photo files quickly. Some switches will only give you gigabit speeds if the devices are connected to them via cables, so you will not get the same speed over a wireless connection.