Protect Your Records Using a 12-Inch Vinyl Box

12-inch record storage boxes are a great way to organise your music collection and keep it safe from debris. eBay offers a wide assortment of boxes that fit 12-inch vinyl records. Understanding what materials these 12-inch vinyl boxes use, how they operate, and the types you can get will help you find the product that meets your needs.

What designs can you choose for 12-inch vinyl boxes?

Boxes for 12-inch vinyl records are available on eBay in a number of designs or patterns. You can sort through the list to find the design that appeals to you. You may wish to choose a box for your records based on the surrounding decor of your music room. Some common patterns you may come across are:

  • Standard- The standard 12-inch box has a natural finish without extra designs or patterns. The type of finish you get will depend on the materials used for the box. Many of these boxes use lightweight metals.
  • Textured- A textured box will have a raised pattern on its surface rather than smooth panelling. A chequered pattern is common, but other designs are available.
  • Logos- Some 12-inch vinyl boxes use the logos or emblems for classic and contemporary artists as decoration.
Can you choose from different materials?

You may wish to choose a record storage box for your items based on the materials of the box. You'll find boxes in several common materials on eBay. Some of these materials add different properties to your box or give it a unique look. A few of the types of boxes you can choose from here are:

  • Aluminium- Aluminium boxes are durable yet lightweight for your convenience. They can protect your records from impacts and are intended for portability when necessary. Many of these boxes have enamelled surfaces with unique designs.
  • Wood- Wooden boxes can provide a natural, classic appearance to go with your vintage records. The wood may include a protective lacquer or a branded emblem.
How do the boxes protect your records?

Most of the record boxes you will find on eBay have hinges and lids to close over your records. The boxes have precise dimensions that fit 12-inch vinyl records, and once you stack or organise the vinyl to your liking, the lid can close over the entire collection. Some boxes feature locks or fasteners you can use to keep them closed. You may wish to choose this type of 12-inch vinyl box if you are planning to transport the records.