12V Deep Cycle Battery

12v deep cycle batteries

Deep cycle batteries are essentially energy storage units. Inside them, a chemical reaction happens that develops voltage resulting in electricity. Theyre very heavy duty and can be recharged and discharged many times over.

Whilst car batteries are designed to give a burst of energy for a short time, deep cycle batteries provide their power at a steady, continuous rate over a longer period. There are various types of deep cycle batteries available including gel batteries, flooded batteries and AGM batteries. Each one is manufactured differently.

Flooded deep cycle batteries

Also known as wet cell batteries, flooded batteries are the oldest type of rechargeable battery still used today. Containing a liquid in an unsealed container, its vital that these batteries are kept upright. They must also be used in a well-ventilated area so that the hydrogen gas produced when overcharged can easily disperse.

Able to provide a very large amount of power on one charge, flooded batteries need monitoring during use and regularly topped up with distilled water. Despite this, flooded batteries are easy to fix, have a high surge current and are inexpensive compared to other types.

Gel deep cycle batteries

Gel cell batteries are sealed and contain a gel electrolyte. Unlike flooded batteries, they dont need to be kept upright which virtually eliminates evaporation of the electrolyte or spillage. They also offer better resistance to extreme temperatures, as well as vibration and shock. This makes them perfect for use in vehicles, aircraft, boats and other motorised transport.

AGM deep cycle batteries

AGM (absorbent glass mat) is a type of deep cycle battery where a fibreglass mat absorbs the electrolytes. The plates in this type of battery can be flat like in a flooded battery, or they can be fixed into a tight spiral. The internal resistance of AGM batteries is less than traditional cells, meaning they can handle more extreme temperatures and will discharge less quickly.