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Got one to sell?

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Stay Charged and Ready to Go with a Mains to 12v Adaptor

A mains to 12v adaptor is a very useful accessory if you have one or more electric or electronic devices requiring a 12 volt power supply. They can power your device without batteries and can even recharge rechargeable batteries in some devices. Find a whole variety of them on eBay at competitive prices.

Should the output voltage be AC or DC?

Most mains to 12v adaptors have a DC output because the vast majority of 12 volt devices require a DC input. There are also adaptors with a 12 volt AC output listed on eBay for more specialised applications.

Is it necessary for the device and adaptor to be the same brand?

No, as long as the adaptor fits your device and matches its electrical requirements, it will work fine.

What needs to be checked before buying a mains to 12v adaptor?

Before buying a 12 volt adaptor, check the following:

  • Mains input voltage: The mains input voltage is the AC voltage of the public electricity supply, which can vary depending on the country. For example, the UK mains voltage is 230 volts, while in the USA, the mains voltage is 120 volts. Many adaptors offer a range of AC input voltages, from 100 volts to 240 volts, so they can be used while travelling abroad as well as at home.
  • Output voltage: Unless you have special need of an AC output, the adaptor must specify 12 volts DC.
  • Current supply: The adaptor must be able to supply enough current for the device it's intended for. If your device requires a current supply of 500 mA, then the adaptor must be able to supply at least that amount of current. If the adaptor can supply more than your device requires, that's even better as your device will only draw what it needs.The adaptor will be able to supply it with ease and not have to struggle to keep up with the power demands of your device.
  • Output plug size: Any device's 12 volt input socket will be designed for one of several common adaptor output plug sizes. If you're not sure, look for an adaptor that also supplies a range of plug size adaptors. If you're choosing a 12 volt adaptor from eBay, you have the added advantage of being able to obtain help from the many knowledgeable sellers regarding the correct plug size for your device.
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