12V Night Heater

Warm 12V night heaters

Get cosy with a 12V night heater for your motorhome or campervan. These essential campervan and motorhome parts are available in various power outputs and are great for keeping you nice and warm whatever the weather is like outside. 

Go for a complete night heater set up that you can put to work straight away, or pick out some replacement parts for your 12V night heater to get it back to tip-top condition. Night heater systems are available with air, water and electric variants, so you can pick up the perfect one for you. 

Battery powered heaters

Battery powered heaters can heat up the motorhome without using your vehicles battery, so you dont have to worry about using up too much power. These convenient heaters are great for smaller caravans or motorhomes, and theyre sure to make light work of chilly evenings. 

Convection heaters

Another type of motorhome heater is the convection heater. These types of heaters run on oil and work to heat the air around them, creating a convection current. This makes them great at defrosting both you and your motorhome in the evenings and keeping you warm through the night. 

Convection heaters also work best when the windows and doors of your motorhome are closed, so they can keep all of the warm air in to ensure you stay cosy. Youll find loads of great convection heaters in this range, so you can be sure youll be prepared for your next adventure. 

Radiative heaters

Radiative campervan and caravan heaters have a variety of heating elements. This type of heater works using infrared. The heating element hits an object and warms it up, making it a great way to get toasty. Good for campervans and motorhomes that may be a little on the draughty side. A 12V radiative heater is sure to keep you comfortable when camping in your motorhome or campervan, so you can get out there whatever the weather.