Selecting the Best 12v TV Aerial Amplifier for You

You may be looking to give your TV's signal a boost. You can do that and much more with eBay's expansive selection of 12v TV Aerial amplifiers.

What features are there to choose from?

These amplifiers have a number of practical features for you to choose from. Many improve capabilities and overall ease of use. Below are some examples:

  • Durability - These amplifiers include weather-proof materials, like braided cables and reflective plastics, making them excellent fits for outdoor settings and tumultuous areas.
  • Amplification - Signals can be amplified immensely, be they digital or analogue. The capabilities of these amplifiers allow for weak signals to become more easily discerned.
  • Signal Quality - Boasting frequency ranges of up to 870 MHz, these amplifiers deliver sound quality that is accurate and pleasant.
  • Seamless connectivity - These products use UK-standard 3 Pin connectors, which allows them to be seamlessly paired with a vast array of different target devices.
  • Interference resistance - These amplifiers boast heavily insulated interiors and circuitry, which provides them enhanced resistance to interference from other signals and general disturbances.
What are some specifications for these amplifiers?

eBay's selection of amplifiers boast some impressive specifications. Below are some of the commonly shared specifications among their many different models and options:

  • Installation methods - Pole mounting, wall mounting, and vehicle installation
  • Compatibility - Homes, lorries, boats, and RVs
  • Frequency ranges - 470-870MHz
  • Gain - 20+/- 3dB
  • Power supply - Input DC 12V/24V
Are there different versions available?

Absolutely. eBay has myriad options for you to choose from with their listings. Among them are different brands, design parameters, installation methods, and more. Below are some of the more widely available options available on eBay:

  • AVSL - AVSL models are all-purpose amplifiers, with wide ranges of power inputs and versatile installation. Models like the AVSL 120 can be mounted on a wall, pole, or entertainment centre for easy access.
  • DigiPro - These models are able to act as signal switches as well as amplifiers. For those managing multiple different signals and need to swap between them frequently, models like the DTV-1000 are a potentially effective option for their myriad of utilities.
  • DiConna - This manufacturer creates a range of amplifiers designed for automobiles. For those who vacation or travel often, models like the DVB-T are great choices for pairing with RVs and off-roading vehicles.
  • Avtex - Avtex models, like the Avtex STH300, are compact and portable. These options are suitable for those who need signal boosting capabilities on the go or in a wide range of different areas. These models also boast uniquely simple installation, requiring only fastening to a solid surface and a single connective cable.
  • Unbranded - Unbranded options are manufactured by third-party sellers, and they boast much broader compatibility than other options. These options are frequently available at lower price points as well, which can make them excellent for value-minded buyers.