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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a 15-Inch TV

When you need a TV that can fit into a small space, a unit that measures 15 inches on the diagonal is a wise choice. On eBay, there are many 15-inch TVs available from different manufacturers. These new and used 15-inch TVs have a wide range of features, resolutions, refresh rates, and capabilities, and they are available at a range of affordable prices.

What are some of the features of 15-inch TVs?

When you’re looking at different features to fit your specific needs, you should think about features like Wi-Fi compatibility as well as display modes. Some of the available features of the 15-inch televisions include:

  • Built-in media: The TVs may have a built-in DVD player or speakers.
  • Inputs: These TVs may include one or more USB ports, a headphone jack, Ethernet port, or Wi-Fi compatibility.
  • Playing mode: The available modes include wide-screen at a 16:9 ratio, sports mode, and gaming mode.
  • Control options: The TVs can be controlled with your voice, a remote, or a keyboard.
  • Display mode: The TVs may have high-definition built in, or they may have 3D capability.
What are the available display technologies of 15-inch TVs?

The available display technologies for these 15-inch TVs include liquid crystal display and light-emitting diodes. The liquid crystal displays use a fluorescent bulb to illuminate crystals embedded on a panel. This type of TV gets warm and requires space for ventilation. The light-emitting-diode technology either uses diodes around the perimeter of the panel or as an array throughout the panel to illuminate the crystals. The diodes emit less heat than the fluorescent bulbs.

What are the resolution and refresh rates of 15-inch TVs?

The resolution ranges for the 15-inch TVs range from 480 to 2,160 pixels. The 2,160-pixel resolution is equivalent to 4K digital resolution. The available refresh rates for these TVs are 60 Hz and 240 Hz. The refresh rate is how many times per second the illuminated pixels change. The faster the rate, the more realistic live-action videos appear.

What should you consider when choosing a 15-inch TV?

When shopping for a 15-inch TV on eBay, consider its:

  • Brand: Some of the available brands include Axess, GPX, LG, Pyle, Sharp, Sony, and Supersonic.
  • Colour: These TVs are available in black, grey, white, and silver.
  • Inputs: The input options include a headphone jack and RCA connection.
  • Condition: There are new, manufacturer's refurbished, and used 15-inch TVs available.