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15 Inch Laptop Cases and Bags

15 inch laptop cases and bags are a great way to transport your laptop around, but the range of options available can be staggering. The best way to figure out which ones to buy is to examine your requirements carefully.


What kind of style do you want? A laptop backpack or messenger bag may be handy for a student or for some types of creative work, but may not be suitable for more formal job roles or meetings. A briefcase would be good for this, but may be too formal for many people. Sleeve cases suit most situations but like many jack of all trade options, they lack the extra features of other laptop bags .


Backpacks offer the greatest level of support while carrying around your equipment. Although 15 inch laptops weigh very little when compared to many other types, you can still feel it when travelling long distance or if you have any physical ailments. Shoulder or messenger bags offer a degree of comfort, but carry all of the weight on one side which may be impractical for some people. Briefcase style bags are generally quite comfortable but they may begin to tire your arm over long periods of time.

It may be worth noting that many briefcase style cases and bags can come with an optional shoulder strap, effectively turning it into a shoulder bag if required. This is most frequently used whilst commuting.


This generally depends on the individual bag rather than style or brand, but many types of case or bag have some degree of armouring. We aren't talking bullet or bomb proof, but some minor protection against bumps and dings is a welcome addition during transport. Frequently found on the outward facing portion of backpacks or inside the lining of messenger bags or briefcases, plastic armouring can prevent nasty scrapes or dents to your laptop.

Making your choice

Though not exhaustive, these considerations are worth bearing in mind when choosing a laptop case or bag and will make your life much easier. Remember to read each description carefully and look out for extra or hidden pockets which may be an added bonus.

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