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16mm film projectors

Enjoy your favourite old films and TV shows the way they were meant to be seen with a 16mm film projector. Originally made for hobbyists and enthusiasts, 16mm film projectors were mainly used for educational, training, industrial and TV distribution so you're sure to find something to watch that's a blast from the past. From Kodak 16mm film projectors to those made by Bell and Howell, you'll find the perfect vintage projector here on eBay. 

Light types

As these units have been in production since 1923, there's a range of different light types to choose from. Early models typically use tubular lamps with a tungsten filament and range from around 4.5 to 6-inches in height. 

Tungsten-halogen lamps are the next step up, offering a more efficient film production. This is due to the mirror in the unit collecting potentially wasted light in the lamp and focusing it on the film. These are also more energy efficient as they use a lower power voltage. 

Or, go for a xenon arc lamp for something with a much brighter output. These units offer up to 2000 hours of use, making them a similar price to the tungsten halogen lights per hour of operation. 

16mm film projector classes

Smaller toy projectors from the 1930s to 1940s were designed for use with cartoons and short silent films, available from brands like Kodak and Excel. These units can be harsh on your film so be wary if you're planning on using them for projection. 

Silent projectors were designed for amateur enthusiasts looking to project silent movies. These share components with their counterparts that use sound, offering a capacity of 400ft film reels. 

Or, go for a film projector with sound for something with both image and audio output. These timeless models can hold up to 2000 foot film reels and are truly iconic. 

Larger, professional projectors need to be mounted for constant use and come with a 6000ft reel capacity. 

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