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Pack More Power With a Low-Frequency 18-inch Speaker

Sometimes it’s the lower frequencies that give power to your sound. Adding an 18-inch speaker to the mix of your audio can take your system to a lower range. A sure way to get there is with a look at the options, and eBay has plenty of affordable 18-inch woofer performance DJ speakers to choose from.

Can you add woofers where there are none?

You can add woofers to a speaker set that doesn’t house enough power to get the sound you want. Adding an extra 18-inch speaker to a woofer you already have in place is also possible. The thrust of a low-frequency speaker is generated from the force of a large diaphragm where sound is thrust out of as a final output. You’ll find it larger than basic speakers and with more boost than the smaller units in your system. Lower frequencies require a larger diaphragm in order to magnify wavelengths that would normally go unnoticed. An 18-inch speaker adds to the dynamic of your music by covering the bass tones at low decibels. The added bass tones position you for a substantial boost in power, creating a notable sensation you can feel.

What are some specs for 18-inch speakers?

Some of the more notable specs of 18-inch speakers include the following:

  • Portable: Larger woofers are ideal when they're going to be stationary in relation to other speakers. Portability gives you a creative option. The woofer’s housing is a sturdy cabinet that protects the speaker and gives it a place to mount in. Regardless, you can always take it out for events as you need it.
  • Calibrated for tone: The size of the speakers and the magnets used in it are calibrated to peak your low frequencies and to extract more from the “bass.” This calibration is achieved with the features of an 18-inch speaker.
  • Compatible: Getting the sound you want requires compatible equipment. Woofer diaphragms will install with your audio system for a seamless display.
  • Compact: Size is important to getting low frequencies and to ensuring the right fit. These 18-inch woofers were designed with expanded diaphragms while still being suitable to fit with most systems.
Can you manage the levels of woofers separately?

Control the frequency and output of your speakers by managing the audio console of your system. Additional tools, like amplifiers and wiring, can also boost your signal to achieve more. The end result is power that everyone will notice and that will meet your expectations.

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